Saturday, May 4, 2013

She danced burlesque...

...he saw to it that she had fresh flowers every day of the rest of her life.

dc101: burlesque

Our gal has put some time between her burlesque days and these days. Her eye sight dimmed with a cataract perhaps, only her eyebrows the chestnut brown colour she was known for, and her stature a bit smaller with time, she has yet the presence of a great beauty, the confidence of a woman loved, and memories of the burlesque dance she perfected many years ago.
She sits by a table smelling of chanel no. 5 perhaps.
This drawing challenge was hosted by the mysterious, exciting, vibrant dancer Tania, who has chosen this wonderful theme for us to explore. You will be amazed at the differing takes on this theme, and to view what the players in this challenge have prepared for us all, just pop by to Tania's blog where you will be easily linked to all of the offerings.
I had a bit of a time with this weeks' drawing challenge, and went from watercolor, to line drawings, to collage...of silhouettes of babes from a Taschen book of 'icons' (lots of pasties here,) to drawings that did not work, to despair that I'd not be able to do anything with this at all. I've been lately revisiting a study of the Tarot and so I decided to get help there. I asked the Tarot to Speak to me of Love and I pulled out one card. The five of coins. This could be a whole separate post, but let me briefly say that I believe that if a person has an attitude in one area of their life, then they likely will have the same attitude in other areas as well. So I think the card while obviously giving the message of destitution (financial) and the feeling of barren prospects, this could be equally transferred to the area of love. One can feel destitute of love and hopeless to embrace potential prospects. I thought about how this would transfer to a burlesque dancer and came up with a quite older woman who was once loved very much. So much in fact, that the fella saw to it that she receive fresh flowers all of the days of her life. Perhaps he died. Perhaps he was married and the church forbid divorce and she and he could not bear the pain of being together and not being able to be really together, perhaps he is in the other room making her a cup of tea. We don't know. Our gal is not rich, nor young, not beloved as a youthful dancer teasing the world with her charms, she does not give romance a thought. But she has flowers and memories and chanel no. 5.
Thanks for dropping by today. I am having a major struggle with my computer, uploading, picture editing, etc. and if I can re take a picture of the drawing, I will. It's crazy out of focus. Yarrrrgh!! N, xo


  1. What a touching entry. Your mind took a lovely long wander on this one.

  2. such a touching story, for you to go look behind and beyond. i appreciate this so much. yes, burlesque girls also grow up, don't they... and who knows what lies ahead of us? very thoughtful, no computer gimmick needed, actually ...

  3. yarrr! :)

    The story was lovely Norma and I really like your idea of focussing on the women of burlessque in their later years.

    Have a great day

    Helen x

  4. Oh, this is such a lovely and surprising approach! Somehow irritating at first, then turns out to be touching and wonderful. You know I'm so fascinated by aged and elderly people, especially if they have a strong attitude, a special aura. It's not long ago I stumbled over this blog , which I soon realised is much less about just clothing, but the charisma most of these ladies (and gents) are enchanting... it's not just dressing in a certain way, it's living in a certain way.

    Thank you so much for your reflective support, dear Norma!

  5. She is beautiful-I love the story and I love her!

  6. a love story
    with the smell of flowers
    and chanel no. 5
    she is lovely
    as is your story

    Patrice A.

  7. It was too much of a squeeze to participate this week, but this is certainly a unique drawing challenge! What a wonderful story woven into your painting. May we all have someone who wishes to send us flowers for the rest of our lives!

  8. dear norma, this is a wonderful, touching and a bit sad story - I love it very much. I love the idea to receive fresh flowers all of the days of MY life.. but I never was a burlesque dancer, I may start now to learn it?? chanel no 5 - mmmhhh!
    ;-) mano

  9. we never know...
    I love the romantic thing in your story, there is so much to follow in fantasy now, great great dear Norma!
    x Stefanie

  10. Dear Norma,
    I like the approach very much, that she is an older gal... smell of Chanel No5 (like me sometimes :) sitting with flowers and memories. My Grandmother wasn't a burlesque dancer but she liked to dance and she met my Grandfather on the dancefloor... when she told me about it, her lined cheeks turns pink... over 60 years later.

    x Ariane.

  11. dear Norma, i loved to read your post, from pulling a tarot card, interprete it and making an illustration to go along, it brought us to a surprising view on burlesque, yes very touching, xx


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