Saturday, July 7, 2012

Teahouse Treehouse

Drawing Challenge: tree house This week our host is the fabulous Rachel who chose this wonderful theme. My offering is a paper cutting using Japanese hand made paper and origami paper, and Chinese joss paper in a silvered gold leaf. These are cut and mounted on to used tea bag paper. My glue stick is a gooey mess due to years of laying unused. So I could only tack it in places:
I'm planning a tea party later and you are welcome to come join in the fun. We'll be serving tea and perfectly aged fruitcake and freshly made sugared plums. Then we're going to tell each other's fortunes and tell ghost stories. We might have to talk a bit louder than usual though because 'Wolfsong' is communing with nature again.
Thanks for dropping by and we'll see you at the tea party I hope. See you soon! *smiles* Norma


  1. i scrolled down your image and then bumped into woolf!!!...wolfsong! do enlighten me??!! hee hee...

    i've not seen an eastern {tea}house up in a tree before, so this makes me chuckle. the very idea... the tea bag paper makes it all good too. i always love your choice of this material.
    à ta santé!

  2. is that a treehouse or a teahouse? heh heh heh

    I love that there is a pagoda in an Oriental themed tree very nice idea and a woolf looks like Nadine is visiting perhaps?

    Sounds loads of fun Norma have a great time.

    Happy weekend

    Helen :)

  3. Norma,
    How insanely wonderful is this pagoda in a tree!
    I love it! Everything, the wolf, the papers used is wonderful. Very inspired.
    Have a great week!

  4. Norma, I love the paper tree cutting! Brilliant use of the paper. Treehouse/teahouse.... clever, clever girl! Happy Sunday to you.

  5. Oh, of course,
    dear Lady Norma,
    I will come to your teaparty. Put my most beautyfully hat on and will tell you ghoststories, good one!
    This treehouse is very inviting and I like your tree's pattern very much!
    Ah, woolfy Nadine has arrived already... she's telling wonderful stories.


  6. Absolutely gorgeous!!! The mix of pattern, colour and woolf is just perfect. Love it!

  7. Norma...this is just so beautiful!!I'm sorry i missed the tea party..i've never tasted a sugared plum!

  8. A serene and tranquil tea house tree house, norma. so inviting for your tea party! I love the use of many papers. Treat yourself to a new glue stick, girl! xxoo, sus

  9. mmmm....
    that howling woolf
    the moon!
    the pagoda
    and that beautiful flowery tree
    with that little time
    you made a great piece!

  10. your work, a tale on its own,
    love everything about it,a big moon night and story telling in that pagode tree house, how very mysterious and totally enchanting, beautiful!

  11. ... oh love every thing about it too and would love to move in right now!! x julia

  12. this is so fantastic!!
    :-)) mano


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