Friday, July 13, 2012

When the Dust Settles...[drawing challenge]

I knew immediately that I'd be headed for the acrylic paint drawer which is in my desk, and pulling out the "yellow iron oxide" jar first, followed close upon by "iridescent gold" and placing "iron violet" at the ready...when I read that our theme this week for the drawing challenge would be finger painting. Carole, our host for this one chose such a gloriously freeing exercise that I couldn't wait one second to get started. For some time now my head has been swimming with painting ideas done on used tea bag paper with acrylics using palette knives solely. I see organic shapes swimming by in my mind's eye and am just itching to get around to them. Well thanks to Carole, I have. Okay so I started with the finger painting. I'd dipped my finger right into the jar to capture blobs of saturated color, and applied the paint. Yellow first, then gold. But I just could not help myself. I had to use the palette knife and so I dipped that into "pearlescent white" and drew lines with the knife. Then did the same with gold. Then I stopped. I knew the painting was finished. But that I needed to encircle a few blob shapes with hand stitched gold metallic thread. I did that...and so here is the painting entitled "WHEN THE DUST SETTLES YOU'LL SEE THE GOLD"
For a few weeks now the song "Heart of Gold" by Neil Young has been weaving its magic through my thoughts. I hear the lyrics:
'It's these expressions I never give That keeps me searching for a heart of gold And I'm getting old.'
And this has been the inspiration for this painting. The organic shapes have a cycle. They come up from below, ripen, age, pop, float, and sink back to below. Throughout this whole cycle there is gold in various forms. Just like life. Thanks for dropping in. I'll see you soon I hope! *smiles* Norma
Have a look at the delicious variety offered here in the drawing challenge. To see work for this week's theme of 'finger painting' click on to Carole which I've linked above. You'll have fun here. I've posted a day ahead of time this week so drop in to see the others' work during the weekend. Ciao!


  1. beautiful image Norma! I love the gold and that you did it with fingers :)!!! makes it extra special

  2. Dear Norma,
    your piece is exquisite with its circles of gold, coming from above. Sinking down they become flowers with a golden stitched thread.
    Your words... as in real life... wonderful!


  3. Norma, such a beautiful painting! I love that you used gold on a finger painting which often is judged to be childish. Thank you for participating in the challenge. xo Carole

  4. fantastic Norma
    I liked the forced minimalism that is dictated by the lack of realestate you have to play with.

    I had no idea you could fingerpaint on a teabag paper but you have proven you can and successfully too.

    Really is pretty special and one of my favs

    Have a great weekend Norma

    PS: love your studio space

    Helen x

  5. norma, i can't decide which i like better, your way to your painting, the result, or all of the things and stories happening to realize this. {especially neil young. ;)))}.
    all of this drenched in awe and gold!
    ariane nailed it: exquisite.
    the world in a teabag IS beautiful!

  6. your little teabag painting looks like a fantastic curtain from the tales of the thousand and one nights.
    :-)) mano

  7. Gosh, Norma, this is one heck of an elegant painting - a very sophisticated take on finger painting. (And N. Y.'s song is one of my all-time favorites). -sus

  8. i'm touched, the fact an idea is urgently pushing to become reality, the flow of steps to get it there, the music, the title, the meaning behind, it all fits so perfectly and you took me with you here on a marvelous trip, x


Your comments make my day! Thanks for dropping by and we'll see you soon, I hope, *smiles* Norma


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