Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mad Tea Party 2012 and a giveaway

Hello! Hello! I see you are all here. It's time for the Mad Tea Party - 2012. This fantastic fete is hosted by the lovely Miss Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist and I am just one of many taking part in this magical event to celebrate all things Alice. I hope that you'll take some time to visit all the other party pals who have created magical posts just for you. Just click on to 'A Fanciful Twist' which is highlighted above and you will be directed to a list of players. There you just click away to your heart's content. Believe me, this is eye candy galore. See you there!!
In honour of this whacky mad fun, I've made a brooch to give away to one player who has left a comment on this post. I'll be drawing from a hat (a mad hatter's hat) next Saturday. The brooch is painted on to primed canvas and edged in crochet cotton. I'll be attaching the clasp at the back, but for this photo I've only the front shot for you.
My tea party this year is all about the mushroom. I'm baking a mushroom quiche with special mushrooms from the fairy forest. And I'll be putting the tea on shortly so if you want to just come on over, it'll be ready for you when you arrive. The table is set with white table linens and shined up old silver. Fine bone china has been cleaned to look like new. I know you will enjoy your quiche made of these...
Thanks for dropping in everyone! See you again soon, I hope, *smiles* Norma


  1. Lovely lovely creation!! And those mushrooms, oh my!!!

    Happy Mad Tea Partying!
    ♥ Vanessa {a fanciful twist}

  2. Hi Norma,
    I love your mushroom pin! I do hope I win! And those purple mushrooms are incredible! Thank you for letting me come for tea! I do hope you will come visit me for tea and a giveaway!

  3. oh but this is fantastic!!! Dear Norma, say hello to Alice, I have a cup of tea with you, x Stefanie

  4. Thank you for the nice cup of tea. I love all things Alice! I really want to visit your blog again, I like mad hatters :)

  5. oohh I love mushroom quiche, though i'm not sure about those mushrooms !!!
    Thank you so much for inviting me,
    I hope to see you soon at my party too, everyone is invited :)
    Mad Madam Mel x

  6. Dear Norma,
    I absolutely love mushrooms!
    The toadstools of the broach are absolutely my cup of tea! ;-)
    The colours would be perfect for Aliénore's universe.
    I keep my fingers crossed for her ( as she is a little doll with no fingers).

  7. I simply love your muchrooms. Awesome. I hope you will visit me:

  8. What a wonderful broach.
    And such interesting purple mushrooms.
    They taste amazing, but make my head feel so strange!

  9. all things alice?
    try to stop me from staying away...
    à ta santé!

  10. Norma, I adore the brooch, your artwork, your blog and all the inspiration you give to me.

  11. Thank you for inviting me to tea....I must pass on the quiche...I'm allergic to purple fairy mushrooms...honest I am. *smiles* The brooch is beautiful...thank you for being so generous.

  12. amazing mushrooms!!!! and a beautiful brooch, too!
    thanks for having me

  13. Dearest Norma,
    You stole my heart when you mentioned those Delightful Mushrooms. I am a Toadstool lover, and just cant help but smile when I see those most fanciful of fungi growing amongst the trees and flowers.
    Your brooch is such a magical creation. Thank you for the opportunity to enter the giveaway.
    Now with a slice of that mushroom quiche I will be off like a certain Rabbit, to my next destination

    Thank you for inviting me. Oh please do drop in for a Spoonful of Mad Tea over on the Other Side of Wonderland
    Wishes and Whimsy
    Wendy from Wonderland

  14. I love all these cute! I have a giveaway too so please drop by!

  15. Oh, mushroom quiche! Wonderland mushroom quiche! And you made your table setting sound so pretty!

    Thank you for inviting me!

  16. Oh me, oh my, those mushrooms must be altered! For it is but after I ate them that I bounced from short to taller! :)

  17. Hello I'm running late, But want to say thank you for sharing your lovely mad mushrooms for our Mad Tea Date! Cheers!

  18. Oooo! I love mushroom quiche! How delightful! Yum! Yum!
    thank you for the invitation to your Mad Tea Party! I loved being here very much!
    Teresa in California

  19. oh count me in- your lovely brooch is a treasure!

  20. The mushrooms are lovely....both real and created. Thanks for sharing!


Your comments make my day! Thanks for dropping by and we'll see you soon, I hope, *smiles* Norma


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