Sunday, March 6, 2011

Studio move

My under 600 sq. ft. studio apartment was getting a bit cramped to say the least. As the years rolled by and my arty/crafty life rolled along with the years, the lines between living space and creating space blended wholly. I couldn't separate my life-life from my arty/crafty-life. They both suffered consequently and so when a few weeks ago I found myself crafting on my bar (of all places) because every other inch of space had been taken over with my art stuff, I knew the time had arrived when I had to make a drastic change in the way I live. I had crystal decanters mixed in with bottles of modge podge and glitter glue mixed in with bottles of liqueur alongside ornate metal candle holders and cocktail shakers from Turkey. Balls of tulle lay nestled in between wine stem glasses and the wooden carved masks from India and other far away places competed for space in the midst of it all. Jars of glitter demanded their own spot and when finally there was not even elbow room (to work) I knew the time had come. Soooooo...I now have a separate studio work space (in a 3' by 4.5' closet) and I am carving out, or reclaiming actually, my living space. Then I plan on having a life. Inviting people in for eats and socializing. Here is my studio closet. I can work in the blink of an eye and just as quickly leave it behind, shut the door, and live.


  1. what a lovely space!!! I want one!!! thanks for sharing!!

  2. I am glad you liked the tutorial, I hope you try it! I love your creative space, looks like hours of fun have passed there already! :D

  3. Moni! Just as soon as I clear the deck of what I am working on right this minute (two paper artdolls), I plan to try your transfer tutorial. I'm dreaming about it already. I can barely wait, and will blog about it as I am doing it. Fun. *smiles*


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