Saturday, March 12, 2011

Paper doll: New Year's Child with friend

Well the paper doll is slowly coming along. You can see the earlier version in one of the photos of my studio in a closet a few posts back. The girl (who is a New Year's Child) is still at the beginning stage but I've completed a watercolor of a warbler who is her bff and is now accompanying the child wherever she goes. You see she was on her way to the New Year's celebrations when she came upon an injured bird. She stayed with him to nurse him back to health and since then they've been joined at the hip. So she will be attending the New Year's celebration but will be very very late this year. Made for my swap partner at:


  1. This is wonderful. I look forward to seeing how you complete her.

  2. Thanks for your kind comment. Yes I must just go for it and try not to get tied up in knots which only make it more difficult.
    Love your water colour of the bird,beautiful painting.


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