Saturday, February 9, 2013


dc:92 Postage Stamp
Our wonderful friend Helen, is the host for this weeks' drawing challenge. She chose postage stamp for the theme, and I knew instantly that I would utilize the snake stamp that Canada offers for this year for the celebration of the 'Year of the Snake.'
So, I found a snake image to do a gel image transfer onto an envelope. I did that with mostly success, but then when I typed in the address, my old typewriter got finicky about doing a carriage return. I should remember to help it by partially 'feeding' it as it manually scrolls up to the next line. As a result, this envelope is a bust and I didn't bother affixing the postage, but really, I learned a bit by doing this one, and so hopefully the next one I do will be better. Helen, you can look for this in the mails fairly soon (I hope.)
To see all of the participants in this drawing challenge, drop by Helen's blog where you will be linked to see all kinds of fabulous offerings. Remember, all are welcome to join in these challenges.
Thank you for dropping in today and I hope to see you again soon. *smiles* Norma


  1. Hi, Norma, I like the snake-shaped ampersand!!! :))

    1. I know Roberto! isn't this a great strong image? I got it from a clip-art book. Thanks for your comment! *smiles* N, x

  2. cough! cough! splutter! splutter!

    that was me choking on my coffee when I saw this amazing post Normathe stamps are beautiful I really love them and the gel transfer is fantastic AND THEN when I read that one may come my way I must say I did get a little excited. If it finds its way to me it will be treasured Norma.

    Helen :)

    ps: you might have to post that bag of stamps you found at the nifty thrifty.

  3. those stamps are wonderful and adding that gel print makes this envelope a beauty, Helen is a lucky lady Norma, xx

  4. Oh wow, Helen is a lucky one to receive such a beautiful letter!! Those stamps are great, especially the last one which fits perfectly to the snake on the envelope!
    Happy sunday!!

  5. Hello Norma, these snakes stamps are really great and I really love your transfer and the little accident with your typewriter give this little extra kick, which is great.
    P.S. Thank you very, very much for all your kind comments - I really feel honored and I enjoy it all the time. Thank you.

  6. Norma, I got confused at first because we recently had the d.c. theme of Snake. WHat a fun repeat spun anew. what fun to be able to send your snakes around the globe. I agree with Roberto, The ampersand is amazing.

  7. Superb snakes, Norma - especially attracted to the red one, and your transfer snake. Yesssssss! -sus

  8. Oh that transfer is a gem! and the stamps to go with it are lovely! Can you imagine if everything we got in the mail was as beautiful??

  9. Came here via LaWendeltreppe on flickr. You have some wonderful things - and I love the snake envelope and stamps.

  10. this letter is soooo wonderful!! :)) mano


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