Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Just Because

Two of the sweetest words in the English language.
It's raining sheets of water here in Vancouver today and I simply had to go check out our local thrift department store (dare I name it? *finger to mouth* Value Village) because there is a sale on today. I was all loaded up with extra layers and an umbrella, et. al., and decided at the very last second to check the mail. It was a hassle in a way because I'd already locked the door, but I peeked in the mail room and saw something in my box, so had to go back to unlock the door to get the mail key. You get the picture.
There was a solitary item sitting the the box, of a very intriguing and exciting brown colour. I pulled it out and saw Kim Henkel's postmark on it. Well...Haines's Junction anyway...and Kim is the only one I know who lives there. You know I had to come inside and completely undress and undo the umbrella and take off the boots (well not really, but you get the picture.) I carefully sliced it open with a letter opener and inside was a piece of exquisite jewellery made by Kim. It is a pin (rustic pin it is called), made of scraps (it says on the back of the card holding the pin.) It is metal. Here it is on the card:
The card holding the pin is a hand drawn tree image as you can see. Drawn with a pen so thin you can't hardly think it. That alone is a work of art. Here is a very close look at the pin itself:
The pin measures about 11/16"Wx1&3/16"H. So you get an idea of just how small the wee bird is. It's exquisite and delicate.
Some days are quite a lot more special than other days and THIS day is one of the special days. I'll mark it on the calendar of my heart. Thank you Kim for your generous spirit, your friendship, and ... thank you just because. Hugs, Norma, xo


  1. I am so glad it made you smile Norma. I remember not so very long ago a tiny precious hand made cup with a tiny wee hand painted bird on it arrived in my mailbox ... it so made me smile. xo

  2. Hi Norma, you lucky one, what a sweet and wonderful treasure!
    And I tell you what, today is a day like this again you WON!
    Please mail me your address and make your final decision!!
    Love + hugs

  3. And I'm following you now - I thought, I did it already... phew sometimes a bit stupid.

  4. 'Just because'... dear Norma,
    sounds good.
    And this beautiful pin by Kim is so very beautiful!

    xo Ariane.

  5. Perfect words indeed. LOVE the pin and I agree that the card is a beautiful work of art too.
    Browsed through all your posts to catch up. You're an amazing artist, my friend.
    Happy Valentine's!!

  6. I wish you a happy Valentine's day, dear Norma! You have a well-deserved treasure here in Kim's pin. xxoo, sus


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