Monday, February 11, 2013

Learning curves...

So I was about to do a post full of an excited show and tell about the virtues of Dorland's Wax Medium and actually the post truly expounds the fabulousness of this medium. But truth be told, the photograph doesn't back up my claims so you are going to have to take it on faith. Here is the photo:
I'd been preparing an envelope to mail to Helen, and the gel transfer worked pretty darned good considering it was such a large area and maybe it was beginners' luck as I've not done a lot of these transfers and never anything this large. But then my finicky old typewriter bunged up the carriage returns and it bothered me enough that I abandoned that envelope and made a new one. This time, I wrote the address in script (learned that calligraphy ink is the way to go and NOT india ink which runs like mad) and then spayed it with matte finish so that the water I apply to the image will not run into the ink and ruin it. So far so good. I dried it thoroughly and then painted the gel medium to the image and applied that in place to the envelope. I took a bit longer and used a bit less medium this time and I think this is why the transfer itself was not quite as successful. This needs tweaking and a lot of experimenting to get it right. But the transfer image is pretty okay. I stopped rubbing because parts of the image were lifting off and so there is a very fine layer of paper fibre which reads white. This is where Dorland's Wax Medium comes into play, or in this the rescue. I rubbed the completely dry image quite firmly with the wax and then buffed it with a dry cloth. It is beautiful. In person. The image is soft and matte and with a slight sheen.
But here's the rub. The envelope on top looks better on camera. Oh well, can't win them all hey? Thanks for dropping by, and I do hope to see you soon. *smiles* Norma, x


  1. Your envelope and penmanship are lovely. I'm sure Helen will love it. xo

  2. You are so right, Norma, gel transfer is a tricky biz that requires plenty of patient practice, but is totally worth the effort, as you have shown.. I am so interested in your Dorlands experience, and have a giant jar of the stuff untouched for 15 years living under one of my tables at the studio. Must haul out and use! Best, sus

  3. Dorlands Wax is one of my all time favourite things! I use it on almost everything! Your envelope(s) are beautiful!! I too have had similar problems with my typewriter mangling a creation just the other day. I wish I had beautiful penmenship like you... but I don't so I try the typewriter (which I also love!!!)
    Your work is so very very beautiful!

  4. I liked the first one
    and this one too
    the handwriting fits nice
    and thank you for the story

    Patrice A.

    and 'just because' very nice too!
    still curious about your buddha....


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