Friday, February 15, 2013

dc93: Lighthouse

Entitled 'Lighthouse Watcher' this piece is a mixed media collage, done for the drawing challenge this weekend, and hosted by the talented Renilde. I have been influenced greatly by BarbaraBee!!! Renilde as host, chose Lighthouse as the theme for us all to have fun with. To see all of the offerings by the players in the challenge this week, just drop by her blog where she has us all linked. That way it is easy to visit our blogs.
Thank you for visiting today and I hope to see you again soon, *smiles* Norma, x
p.s. I've posted a day early as I have a full weekend ahead. p.p.s. Have a look at BarbaraBee's work here.


  1. Love this piece! Many lighthouses, wildlife including bear where I live, and we are a hop away from Canada so it really speaks to me! Love the layering-thanks for sharing! ~*~Lisa

  2. Love everything about this, Norma! Have you been to the Bay of Fundy? I've only been via our postal is a dream to get there someday. Our neighbourhood lighthouse was sounding the foghorn last week.

  3. hey Norma, i wouldn't make the association, lighthouse/bear but then i don't live in Canada don't i :), i love your color scheme, how you build your lighthouse on those stamps, the sound of rolling waves almost audible.
    A wild ocean, a bear living in the wild reflecting the beautiful nature in the part of the world where you live and which is only known to me via documentaries and photos.
    I wonder what that background exactly is, i see an eye, a mysterious sea creature.
    thanks dear Norma for taking part, xx

  4. Most intriguing work lately Norma. I am really enjoying the direction you have been heading and it's a pleasure to watch your journey. xox

  5. Oh, I think the lighthouses and postage stamps have something in common.
    They remind me of the distances, travels, communication between different people, and why not, mystery.
    Your artwork is very good, I like!

  6. Hi Norma,
    what a great collage - I really love it!
    Have a great week-end..

  7. Fundy, dear Norma... of course, that place with its enormous tide needs a lighthouse!
    I like your collage very much! Your lighthouse reminds me on The Wolf Rock Lighthouse, Cornwall of Helen. This world has many 'Land's Ends', right?!

    What is in the background? I can see an eye... an 8... ?

    x Ariane

  8. What an interesting collage, Norma - I ask along with Ariane, about the background. Can't place it. Oh how I would love to visit the Bay of Fundy. Happy week! -sus

  9. Beautiful and atmospheric with the layering and embossed background. Love the bear!

  10. great inspiration indeed, i think you've just done that here for me...

  11. Norma fantastic image you have created I love the different texture of the background AND IT ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!

    the letter was poking out of my letterbox when I got home from work. My husband had no idea what I was squealing about!

    Thankyou Norma you are such a lovely kind person.....I have been slack in reciprocating not from laziness but because I cant decide what to send you but after my beautiful letter that arrived in perfect condition I will make a decision and put together something for you. (and Nadine!!!!)

    It made my day
    Helen xxxx

  12. Yeah, this is wonderful! Love the colours and layering. And the bear! Very nice indeed!


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