Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Where I burn candles in my home...

Every morning I light the candles. Here is the most recent spot. It's of carved stone from India and is like a roadside shrine. It reminds me of a tiny fireplace. I light this for my friend and neighbour Kim who is travelling to Moscow, Rome and Istanbul for six weeks. I light this for the celebration and safety of her journey:
This is the candle I light in celebration of my creative spirit and my home:
And this candle gets lit in celebration of things spiritual. I have a variety of icons from a mix of belief systems and I kind of mix and match as it were. The wall shelf unit is old and is from India:
Here is a close up of the gang. They are all here. Hail! Hail!
There is music to listen to whilst fishing for one's supper:
And here is me and Kimmie laughing over old times. Note that we have a pet spidey with very red eyes. Halloween is coming and that is spidey's favorite time:
So my friend, Kim: Travel safe, travel smart, let your hair down and we'll see you when you get back. Meanwhile I'm keeping your garden in good shape! *smiles* Norma


  1. I love this post Norma!
    it's very inspirational.
    thank you:)

  2. I'm blowen away! What a beautiful collection. I have a Buddha alter in my home I light everday and practice. These are fantastic!

  3. Love all of this ... very Goddessie at least to me, which I love.

    Happiness always

  4. I agree with all above - wonderful places, lamps, celebration shrines - I love those chinese lamps!
    xo Barbara

  5. Lovely post. Visually and thoughtfully composed.
    Keep smiling and creating

  6. What a great tradition, lighting candles Norma. That would be a good practice here for me as our mornings stay dark later and later. xxo. sus

  7. What a treasure...!
    These are delightful alters.


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