Saturday, September 1, 2012

Spider Love ... Altered Rolodex Cards

I'm out of practice with the acrylic medium image transfer technique, so I allowed a bit of paper fibre to sneak into the finished artpieces. Nonetheless, here are two altered rolodex cards that I made today. One is for April and the other, for myself. Here's one side of two cards:
And here is the other side:
This has been a nice diversion from what I've had my hand(s) to lately. I'll be letting the cards flatten out nicely in a heavy book overnight. Then I'll cut the holes at the bottom so they fit into the rolodex holder, and be able to finally get April's card into the mails.
Thanks for dropping in today. See you soon, I hope! *smiles* Norma
P.S. I'm adding this post script Sunday morning, after doing a little touch up on Inanna (I think that is her anyway). Someone once said that art is just fixing problems. If I had remembered that AFTER I'd coated the pieces with acrylic medium (which is basically liquid plastic) things would have been even better in the final version. Life and art are not a perfect science. This is what I did. Tim Holtz is genius with his line of products. My all time favorite is the 'distress ink' pad which I dab on with a makeup sponge. First, I filled in spots in spidey, using a waterproof pigment pen, and then applied the 'linen' colored distress ink right over top of everything. Had I remembered to do this before I'd coated it, the effects would have obliterated the white paper fibres (must make a note to self). In any event, things are much better. I punched out the holes so the card will fit the rolodex holder and viola! Ciao!


  1. These look GREAT! I think the bits of fiber look like his web! Always lovely to have a visit!

  2. Yes, Kim is right - Spidey's web is showing. Happy week, Norma! -sus

  3. I think these are incredible!!!
    Wonderful work:)


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