Saturday, September 29, 2012

Drawing Challenge [77] Mandala

What is this? A spirit being coming from a spiral of star dust. She has her hand held out in a STOP signal. What does she mean? What does she want to say? The bird heard her message and came back to earth to tell us that we must stop harming our children. We must stop. This is the plea from the universe in any event, and the spirit being came a long way to give us the message.
Painted on used tea bag paper with acrylic paint. To see more mandalas, pop by Nadine's blog where she, as the host this week, will link you to see all of the players. This is guaranteed to be a visual and exciting and inspirational time. It is one of my favorite things to do. Thank you Nadine for choosing this wonderful theme of mandala, to keep us challenged!! *smiles* Norma


  1. Oh, Norma - I am in awe. Such aA powerful plea in a delicate delightful rendering. The hummingbird! So beautiful! xxoo, sus

  2. oh, mighty lady of the used tea bag!
    you know? what i think is this, wath with the words you wrote too... this is a children's fairy tale story, really! i could see it. your {tea bag} design on book format, and an adult reading the stories to children. the message is there!
    lovely creation again...
    cheers, norma!

  3. Norma, you fit so much beauty on such a tiny tea bag! Beautiful.

  4. wauw....
    this could be a children's book!

  5. Ha, a tea bag mandala - what else - this is delicate and I love your little birdie.
    xo Barbara
    P.S. You are my teabag hero!

  6. Dear Norma,
    this is beautiful and true!
    Maybe this could be a children's book AND for parent... to be mindful and acting from heart.
    Well done, Queen of teabags!


    1. Hi Ariane! Yes, it could be a message to parents and perhaps it actually could be a book. This would take some consideration and thought on my part. What the mandala said to me was more on a global level about what is happening to the children in Syria presently...and generally about child labor, exploitation, slavery, trafficking, torture and murder. A happy mandala yes??? The muse has his/her own mind and I just make what it wants. I don't edit. I just loved your post to absolute bits. I am still thinking about it, it was soooooooo cool.!!!

  7. Wow..what a super enchanting post full of beauty and poetry and soul! Thanks for taking me on a spiritual journey..with your fantastical and gorgeous art!!
    yay..that was fun!

  8. I am always so impressed how you do those tiny tiny fine paintings and drawings... amazing!
    May I invite you to the next challenge, dear Norma?
    x Stefanie

  9. Wow, I love it! It's beautiful and I'm sure you had a lot more fun making it then I did ;-) And thank you for your sweet and helpfull comment on my post! I wish you a nice week.

  10. dear Norma, message and depiction are touching me deeply, i have been thinking, not understanding, feeling angry and helpless too looking and listening to the news the past week and not only the past week, however will we be able to create a better world for everyone as we don't manage to treat the children, and so the future, well. ok, yes it all begins with doing the best for the children in my own surroundings but what about the ones faraway, it's on my mind too...

    your work here is so filled with tenderness and love, but also a powerful STOP and it is just very beautiful, thanks, xx

  11. oh norma - I'm fascinated by your gorgeous teapaper painting and the message you tell us. :-))) mano

  12. such a wonderful piece, the flying woman with her message and the beautiful bird
    all on a tea bag, beautiful.

  13. I love to use tea bags, in art! This is so representative of the spirit trying to heal~ Life is like tea-sometimes hot n' bitter and sometimes soothing n' reflective.

    It is a powerful message and one I wish would take flight and be heard~
    Wonderful art with a beautiful message :D

  14. I so absolutely love this! The freedom and protection it represents is so wonderful. I grew up with an abusive father many years ago, and the memories still haunt me. Your work radiates hope. All of your work below is so wonderful, too.


Your comments make my day! Thanks for dropping by and we'll see you soon, I hope, *smiles* Norma


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