Monday, September 3, 2012

Another little book made of one tea bag [paper leaf]

This one is for Ariane. Here's the back cover and I am pleased to note that I'm getting better at the acrylic gel medium transfer technique:
Continuing on, from back to front:
Here's the front cover:
It has been a joy to put this little book together for Ariane!
See you soon! *smiles* Norma


  1. Norma, you must have one huge tea bag to make a book out of 1. Lovely book. Do you have a tutorial somewhere???hint hint.
    Ariane will be thrilled, I know I would be.
    Happy Labor day.

  2. Hey Les! Have a look here:
    You can see the whole book in one photo. Can you see where it is sliced in the middle? If you go to youtube and also google and just look for instructions for small books or little books made from one sheet of paper, there are tuts. I can't remember where or what site I originally went to. Just search a bit; it's not far. I use double-sided tape and fusible iron on interfacing for gluing. The rest is collage, stitching, and gel transfers. Just experiment and be willing to make lots of mistakes. There will be!! Unless, of course, you are genius!! HA. *smiles* Norma

  3. Lucky Ariane! This is a lovely book, Norma. xxo - sus

  4. so beautiful!!! this little book is a great treasure! :-) mano

  5. The things you do with those tiny bits. Fantastic.
    Thanks for sharing. If your are ever interested in trading some of your wonderful creations, you should join the Paper Traders?
    Keep smiling and creating.

  6. Oh my... simply lovely!
    What a delightful book created from a tea bag, very creative. :]

  7. this is beautiful! that golden moon, is it? oh my... erm, do you use a magnifying glass at all to do these? oh my eyes, it'd come up a blur on me, i fear. very, very beuatiful. now, i am all *smiles*!
    {ariane will be over the moon, i can hear her chirping from here!!}

    on a different note,
    son here took my mail up to his room (he is absent minded like that), and i discovered your snail mail just now. it's arrived safe and sound and i will take into account i have time to snazz up your rolodex pages. tiny as they are, this will be good fun! i will keep you posted on these, but admittedly, i will probably not do this straight away. as a matter of fact, after imaginary (!) night swimming, ahem, i shall spend another day downstairs, merrily painting and plastering, and all that. like, it NEVER ends... oi.
    wishing you a splendid weekend in the meantime. i know i will. tomorrow!

  8. oh my God!
    Norma, dear Norma
    this is so beautiful
    can't wait
    hurry snails, hurry!

    x Ariane

  9. Another beautiful little creation! I treasure mine that you made so very much. Lovely!


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