Sunday, June 5, 2011


These are some hearts that have come into my life recently. The first picture is a grouping showing a tree branch heart laying on the road, with a large glass silver heart and two very small white heart shaped rocks from the beaches of Turkey.
Yesterday I noticed the heart shaped branch with leaves laying on the road in front of where I live. I didn't add to it and considered it a gift of mother nature and took a photo. I still cannot figure out how to rotate a photo so it's sideways (sorry).
Then later that day my neighbor gave me a heart shaped glass decoration. They reminded me of the rock hearts that were sent to me a few weeks ago by an artist friend that I met on line.
So I went back outside the next day and found the heart shaped branch laying on the road but by this time it had been run over by a few cars. One car was even parked on it; the folk were leaving so I waited to compose the shot. It's a bit worse for wear in the group photo.
Well my dears out there, have a good day! Talk soon, *smiles* Norma


  1. Lovely collection of hearts Norma....Is the postal strike still on, do you want to email me and let me know....xox Corrine

  2. I too collect stone hearts, I have a very good friend who travels and has brought them to me from as far away as St Thomas. (beach finds)
    anyhow it is a close to my own heart subject, thanks. Love the branch...some drivers are heartless...LOL


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