Sunday, June 12, 2011

Heart Rocks

In the mailbox an interesting looking package sat~a lovely surprise from Firusan, who is an artist friend that I met on line. I'd contacted her to ask if she might be able to send me a heart rock. Her art contains that element and I wondered if heart rocks might be more prevalent in her corner of the world. I've not found even one, here, in the years that I've been looking. So I thought that the heart rock had arrived.
But the package looked bigger than one containing just one heart rock. I carefully opened it and found a bundle of magic wrapped in deep burgundy tulle tied all together with a thin length of ribbon.

Inside I found a necklace art piece and a ladybug bracelet made by Firusan, FIVE heart rocks, and scattered throughout, lovely color images of leaves edged in gold glitter along with an image of a saint (my idea of a saint).
Firusan thank you for your generous spirit. You touch my life in a special way and I am honored to call you a friend. *smiles* Norma

p.s. Firusan's art necklace is made of a combination of very cool elements. The central focus is a stone with a natural indentation containing an added crystal, and encased in a hand crocheted wool cocoon of folding petals. The cocoon is embellished with impossibly tiny sequins hand stitched on to it, and with more crystal decor as well. It has a hand crafted clasp at the top on which to attach a necklace chain. I've got my eye out for the right chain.


  1. You are lucky indeed to have FIVE heart rocks~~I don't think i have ever seen one, and I am constantly scrounging for things on the ground!
    What a lovely haul!


  2. Sweet and wonderful. My box is almost packed and on the way to you. xox Corrine

  3. very dearest Norma.

    I'm really happy to meet with you on flickr and to share such a lovely friendship. i feel same feelings with you and i am honored to call you my friend too. enjoy your little hearts.

    lots of love and sweet kisses to you, from Turkey


  4. How very sweet of her!!!
    I think bloggers are the best. Enjoy yor treasures.


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