Sunday, May 22, 2011

Zora and Jazz

These gals are just catching a breather as they have hung their fairy wings to dry and are waiting for the water to boil for tea. They've just returned home from a very long journey to a bird fairy conference that took place this year in Mexico! This is a long flight for the friends, but was well worth it.
As you can see by their colorful blouses and head gear, the hot sun and bright colors have inspired them both to a wardrobe treat. It is raining cats and dogs here but that doesn't deter their cheerful disposition and they are glad to be home here on the west coast of Canada, at the edge of a rain forest.
Jazz and Zora are looking forward to assisting even more birds who have found themselves in trouble, or ill, or lost. I guess you might already know, but these bird angels have bird cage skirts and they live in garden areas, both public and private so that they can be of service to birds. The cages are home to any bird who needs or wants it. They can stay as long as they want and there is no rent. The bird angels have a network so they can help locate family members of the sorrowful birds.
Humans have never actually seen these bird angels who live in the gardens but perhaps it is because it has never been reported per se. Sometimes you may think you have seen one, if you've sensed a movement just out of sight, or heard a soft fluttering. But even though invisible to the human eye, they are there.
These two paper artdolls were made for two swap partners who have had to wait far too long for me to mail out the regular swap dolls and so therefore will receive one each of these surprise bird angels flat paper artdolls. I hope they will be enjoyed.
Well now it is time to begin two more paper dolls!
Fairy hugs, and hope to talk again soon, Norma


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  1. I like Zora's wild hoop earing, need one of those. Your dolls are such intriguing personalities all. xox Corrine


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