Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cherry Blossom Lady paperdoll

This gal is a lover of cherry blossoms so this is her special time of year. They are in full bloom. She is painted on watercolor paper with layers of used tea bag paper collaged with music sheet paper. A line drawing of a cherry blossom is outlined by machine stitching, and a poem by e.e.cummings is stamped overtop of everything. Celery seeds are scattered about in between the layers of tea bag paper while she is edged with sepia colored lace. Her painted face is not my best, but I think she has a look about her.
Now she can be sent by mail to go live with her new friend, Elaine. Hope you like her!
So now I am about to plan a doll that has a body of a human with the head of a bird. Maybe I'll be able to use the idea I've had for awhile of a window with a bird peeking out and a tree and house in view in the background, all placed where a heart would be. Fun, fun, fun.
AND I will also plan an a.t.c. artdoll that features sewing of some sort. I am thinking hand-sewn sequins and seedbeads. We'll see where the muse leads this's as surprising to me as to anyone. *smiles* Norma


  1. Love the technique! She turned out wonderful! ~*~Lisa

  2. she is gorgeous!
    love the colors:)

  3. What beautiful work! She is so elegant and the stitching is so intricate. I'm so happy to have you join the Summer of Color and thank you for including the button on your blog! Kristin xo


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