Monday, May 2, 2011

A bit of magic...

Well you know how the muse works! Surprises is another mystery. I am supposed to be working on a paper artdoll. I have started to paint the face and I've got the dress designed in my head so it's off to a good start. The dress (skirt at this point) is made from used tea bags (paper) and I've sewn the outline of a plum blossom on it using music paper as a base. Lately I've been noticing the use of tea bag paper and let me say I'm speechless with excitement about using it, and often I am thinking. The first experiment was the skirt of my paper doll and as I said I'm off to a good start. Except that I looked at something on line (a blog I follow) that talks about using Pine Sol cleaner as a transfer technique. Somehow I got off on a different path altogether (this is the surprise part). The transfer technique didn't work at all (this will be another blog post), but here is what designed itself. Where it came from is a COMPLETE MYSTERY to me. My muse is at work here.
This is a wee bird pretty much the same size and shape as my paper inspirational bird (small size), but is made of used tea bag paper that was doubled over for strength. Encased inside are some fennel seeds which are believed in some folklore to ward off evil persons but I am using them to ward off evil thoughts. Sequins decorate it and chicken feathers (oh I am feeling the voodoo vibe here) feature in the tail. There's a small bell for the idea of sound and the bird hangs on a gold cord.
I am calling this a paper bird talisman to ward off evil thoughts. It is a complete prototype and I've used sequins and cord that were readily available so have given no thought as to color. It is stamped with the rubber stamp which says 'aspire to BE' and this talisman will hang by my computer screen to remind me that I would like to be a person who has more positive thoughts going on.
Now it is back to the paper doll. Have fun everyone! *smiles* Norma


  1. Sweet bird. Great ideas. I have found one you might like. Seventh Generation makes paper dryer softener sheets impregnated with essential oil. Once it runs through the dryer, this wonderful natural brown paper is available for re-use. Sturdier than tea bags, another addition to the material soup. Check them out! xox Corrine

  2. Oh so cool! Love how the creative spirit leads you. Thanks for sharing and can't wait to see your doll! ~*~Lisa


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