Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Winter fairy birds

Winter fairy birds
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A photographer I am not. These paper birds are made of layers of collaged tulle, music paper, quotes, text, calligraphy done by me, goldleaf punch outs, petals from a 'money' plant, stamped images, and sequins. They have bead eyes and wire feet. Beaks are wrapped string painted and highlighted with acrylics. Buttons sometimes hold on wings. Tails are layers of tulle from old wedding dresses combined with a touch of pale blue fine tulle. A frosting of the most delicate of sparkle finishes them off along the back and top of their heads. Some have images that have been applied with a gel transfer technique. The quote on the small bird reads: We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey. KENJI MIYAZAWA~ Each bird has a different quote. Birds have a stuffed layer in between the two sides to give them a sort of 'body.' Shown here are a large size and a small. I am working on a medium size bird and then I plan to list them for sale on etsy. Meanwhile, I am giving one of these types of birds to the first 3 people who sign on for the PIF post on my blog.

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