Saturday, January 5, 2008

holly spirit

holly spirit
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This paper artdoll was made for Jean in the U.K. When this lady was walking in the forest gathering up the bits of holly and scattered pinecones to make a nosegay for herself, she happened upon an elephant who was carrying the most handsome man she'd ever laid eyes on. Well the elephant must have thought that she was a ghost as he reared up upon sight of her and threw the Prince who was riding him, onto the ground. This resulted in a sprained thumb and a start by the Prince to be sure. As the holly spirit was so frightened by all of the commotion she fled, leaving me to muster the courage to speak to so handsome a being. To make a long story short, I wrapped the sprained thumb in a sort of splint, and invited the two of them to my house to tea. We enjoyed tea and biscuits and wouldn't you know it there was no one and I mean no one home to witness this. Everyone just has to take my word for it. I had a real Prince and his elephant over to my house to tea!
I did invite them to stay over for the night but they wanted to get going to continue their journey and so we said goodbye and best wishes all around. The Prince asked me what he could do to repay my kindness and as he insisted, I told him that he could send me exotic fresh fruit like pineapples, and exotic fancy nuts like macadamias so that I could bake really fancy fruitcakes. He said he would and also a surprise as well. I think it may be a bottle of sherry as I'd told him that one of my favorite things to do was to eat fruitcake with a wee glass of sherry at 4 in the afternoon. I'd said that I thought that that was about the most perfect thing I could ever think of to do. Well, with all this talk of cake I must go slice myself a piece right this minute. Ta!

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