Thursday, January 24, 2008

Snowman with metal heart

Snowman with metal heart
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Well it seems that just as we'd thought that there'd be an early spring around these parts, a heavy snow fell last week. So what to do but make a snowman! I found an old aluminum pie tin over at the dumpground and it was so rusted and split that it couldn't be made new again so I just went at it with a scouring pad and cut it into a heart. I think he looks fabu. if I must say so myself. Oh the whole neighborhood has had something or other to say about it. I shot this photo only a day before the sun came out and melted him away into the magic realm of memory.
Also at the dump I found an old Nabob coffee container. It's glass and has a lovely red lid. I'm just going to clean it up and use it for my new/old cookie jar. Then what is a Queen to do but to fill it with cookies. Let's see...sugar or gingersnaps? I'll let you know. Ta!

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