Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sumi-e Bird

Back to painting...

I'm out of practice and loving the feel of the brush in my hand, travelling over the lumps and bumps of hand made paper. It grabs and drinks in volumes of liquid in thirsty unforgiving gulps so I must remember to load the brush real good. Unless I want a dry brush effect and then that is like riding a bucking bronco over the lumps and bumps and valleys but what a ride. Must remember to breathe. I am never in control but love every second of the process. The results are always a surprise. Especially when I haven't done it for months at a time. Well, here's my sumi-e painted bird.

The first thing I do is grind the ink stick with a tiny bit of water in the stone well. See that tiny dipper? It allows a literal drop at a time.

The ink well is missing as I rinse it immediately after using. I've got many different colours of ink stick. Is it possible to be in love with art materials? Paper? Colour of inks? I think so.

Well, back to the drawing board. Thanks for popping in. See you soon, I hope, N, x


  1. your bird is wonderful
    lovely that you are painting again
    or this piece at least ;-)

  2. what a delight - the effect you are able to get from this medium is wonderful. The variety of depth in the ink is lovely, and the way you have captured the character of this bird is delightful. I hope you keep painting and sharing.

  3. What a soulful bird you have drawn, dear Norma! Wonderful!
    xo Ariane. Rose


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