Saturday, August 3, 2013

Whittling down...

dc111: FERN

This challenge took me on a few turns. First, I had numerous ideas and couldn't fix on just one of them. Finally I chose, and as is usual with me, my idea was a large one. I did get a start on it however, so I do have something to show you. This is a fern leaf and you will just have to believe me and use your imagination. It keeps morphing into some generic who-knows-what leaf, perhaps a fancy ivy or something. But my intent was to do a small section of a larger fern leaf, to show the underside where the spores form. I needed a leaf shape form on which to place the spores. Here is what I ended up with. It's a leaf shape made from baked 'Sculpey III.'

I sculpted a leaf shape to start out, then baked it, then formed a mold from it and baked that. From the mold I can make as many leaf shapes as I want. When the clay is pulled from the mold it stretches to make an elongated leaf shape. I like it in the end.

My plan is to make more leaf(s) and put them to use in different projects. I'll show you when I get some of them done. Meanwhile this mold making process is my contribution to the drawing challenge this week.

To see more art works from those playing along, just click onto their names and you'll get to their blogs which show their handiwork. Thanks for dropping in today and I hope to see you again soon. Hugs, Norma, x

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  1. norma! that fern medicine will have us investigating all kinds of avenues! believe me, as one who has tried to draw ferns and explored different ways of expressing fern-ness, i feel qualified to say that it's not easy... i LOVE your leaf and i feel it *does* capture the fern-ness very well.

    i'm in. i just got my fern post up... (fern medicine may have one waiting until the last moment?)


  2. that sounds like a bit of a challenge, and a lovely one at that. i think the spores are magical, i wonder what they'll look like here, over at yours? will dash back to come and investigate.
    meanwhile, happy to get back on a drawing challenge track...

  3. Hi, Norma - OH, those seed thingies are SPORES! I am curious to see what you will do with your leaves. Please keep us informed. xxoo, sus

  4. how i like
    your projects
    even when they are
    not finished yet


  5. so lovely to see how your leaves come together
    and now you have a mold to make more
    there is a man in Australia that has put a call out for people to send him 'peace leaves' for a project he is doing next month, i think i will send him a few leaves.... maybe you would like to?

    i hope you don't mind that i left his link here

    1. I will send some leaves! Absolutely! I love the internet. Connections all over the globe. *smiles* N, x

  6. Oh, that looks good! I really want to see what you'll make with those leaves, can't wait! I love projects who take a while, you can see the progress so good and I'm really bad at that. I want it finished right away!
    good week for you Norma!

  7. I love fern leaves of all sizes and shapes and will be interested to see how you use the ones you make!


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