Sunday, June 8, 2014

Teabag paper is really strong . . .

. . . until it isn't!

dc138: Up Side Down

The pencil crayon drawing was going along swimmingly until the disaster hit. I won't bore you with details but notice the large holes/tears in the paper. This was a sign I figured, to stop. So here is my Up Side Down offering for the drawing challenge this week, hosted by the one and only Patrice! It is joy for me to be able to call her my friend.

Here he is Down Side Up...
Thanks so very much to dear Patrice for hosting this challenge! Drop in to see what she did for this challenge, and to see lots of other wonderful offerings. Everybody does such different things, it's always interesting. Thanks for dropping in today and I hope to see you again soon, with love, Norma


  1. beautiful!!!!
    oh..if i only had just a tad of your artistic ability!!!

  2. okay, so the best news about this is, your bat instantly gains vintage quality, i mean, twice! the actual tea bag and the tear!! i think he will be very handsome framed. tiny wonder. n♥

  3. i love that, really strong
    until it isn't
    wonderful to see your wee piece

  4. Oh darn! But it's so lovely, and now just has more character. I love bats. One year we had protected pipistrelle bats decide to roost in our loft of the British house. They made a mess and freaked Chloe out flying around in her room on some nights, but we loved having them. They only stay the season and then move on anyway.

    Oh I just realised we`re both in Vancouver! Hello Vancouver girl! :)

  5. love your drawing, it's delicate. That's quite a challenge to draw on a tea bag:)

  6. I really like it! The colors of the tea bag and your drawing, really delicate and I get the weird feeling that I want to safe that bat ;-)
    (thank you for your words on my blog, you really describe perfectly what I wanted to say, just that unhappy feeling.. I try to approach all this the way you describe it, it might help ;-) )

  7. Beautiful drawing. It feels tender.

  8. Such a cute and lovely drawing. If you didn't tell the story I would have thought that teabag paper had been like that before. Used-look, you know? I can imagine your feeling, when it happened, but it somehow fits the drawing! :-)

  9. Oh I love this Norma! I read a children's book to my daughter a few times this past week about bats and thought a lot about the upside down nature of the them- yours is just lovely and sweet and even more fragile with the rips...

  10. hello Norma,
    Oh, I see the bat now, for some reason i could not see it before, this is wonderful!
    Also, after reading your message i wanted to leave you a note.
    i think it is wonderful that you are enjoying two poses. I read the other day (and I hope you don't mind me leaving it here):
    Just One Asana

    Usually, Hata Yoga involves the practice of many asanas that together offer a range of holistic benefits. However, this is not to underrate the power of a single asana. Many yogis master only one asana. Known as asana siddhi, this is a gradual process where the body becomes absolutely at ease. This, Sadhguru says, is the attempt “to get this body geometrically in line with the cosmic geometry. If you learn to just hold it right, you can download the whole cosmos. This is yoga. If you simply sit right, everything that’s worth knowing can be known to you from within.”
    but that is different from doing yoga for exercise. xo

  11. i can understand that you call it a disaster
    i would, but i also think it turned for the better
    as already said i think it makes it more 'vintage' and stronger
    besides all that it's a wonderful drawing of a bat!
    such a great idea!!!

    thank you!
    Patrice A.

  12. I couldn't wait to see what you would have created this week and I am not dissappointed at all. It is a shame there is a tiny hole but you know what it could really be part of the piece. i love how it turned out! Manon

  13. Hi, Norma, must never despair while you are creating, before you start, you know it's part of the risk that something if something will go wrong.
    Anyway, I would not discard the work, there can arise something new.
    In addition, I congratulate you for the courage, I do not know if that would have shown something did not go as I wanted.

  14. Hi Norma! Upside down your bat looks like a wolf. Fun and such a good drawing. Can you glue it down on paper with gel medium? I have painted on tea bags, but never tried to draw on them before. I like the way that looks. Have a great day!

  15. Oh how I like this charming little bat fellow! The paper may not be strong, but your drawing is!
    xxxxoooo, sus

  16. Hi Norma, I'm really happy that your back again, was already a bit concerned and I simply love your drawing and I wouldn't mind the little wholes, they're giving a bit of extra texture and patina. Looks good, sometimes perfect is too boring. Is it a flying fox?
    barbara bee

  17. hi Norma,
    it's me, again
    i am the dc-host
    will you join?

  18. Oh Norma what a wonderful upside down offering! I love it, with the holes is just fine, but you could patch it with a bit of tea bag and a bit of gel medium. It would change it a bit, but I love what we sometimes think of as 'imperfections' in art. Like my kids always used to tell me.... ' this way you can tell it wasn't made in a factory'
    I also agree with you about the book making - I too will never tire of making little books.


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