Saturday, May 31, 2014

No Limits

dc137: no limits

There are no limits to the amount of little books that I could make. I cannot stop myself. Here is one with the theme 'no limits' or 'limits' in general.

Roberto has chosen this theme of 'no limits' for the drawing challenge and I simply had to get in on this one and of course a little book presented itself in my imagination. This one was whipped off in about 20 minutes.

The paper is hand made with plantstuff (the red bit is a flower leaf) and the tie string is hemp and the drawing pen is a COPIC marker which I adore using.

I have an english/chinese dictionary which was published in 1975 in Hong Kong. This book is filled with Maoism philosophy in the examples of word usage. I often thumb the pages to just partake of the interesting examples. When I came across the sample here using the word limit, I knew I had a little book in the making. The line drawing is of buddha and not Mao.

Be sure to visit Roberto for more offerings for this challenge. Nice to see you again; I hope I will not be away for such a long time as I have been this past while. Hugs, Norma, x


  1. Hi, Norma, Congratulations, you do not need more than 20 minutes to do a great work of art.!
    Your little book is wonderful. and the text is very true.
    and I thank the muses that inspire you to give you the wonderful opportunity of unlimited creativity! That is a gift from the Gods! :) Thank you for participating in the game and good weekend! :)

  2. how fun that you can whip up a book. It really is charming and i like how the thread pulls it shut and allows it to be open. I believe you are the second person who included cranes for this theme, that is fun to see.

    thank you also for your lovely message, you inspired a smile!

  3. As soon as I read the quote I started thinking China, so it was fun to read from your explanation that it was from chairman Mao... Also the images have Chinese feel: Buddha and the cranes... I can't believe you did that in 20 minutes!

  4. Norma, scrolling to your blog I can imagine there's no limit in creating these little books. They're all little treasures! And this one too. Love the quote.

    Thanks for passing by and your kind comment on rivers.
    I've made a link now in the "river" post to see larger images.

  5. Gorgeous work Norma! Don't stop making the books!
    Jane x

  6. I'm glad you have no limits in making your little books! They are just so beautiful, keep them coming! And this one has such beautiful words, so true. I love your books!

  7. hi norma, so happy to see you again too, 's been a while, he? i see you have not lost your passion about tiny booklets, which pleases me enormously... and the philosophy behind it too... n♥

  8. dear Norma,
    so good to see you again!
    and your little booklet made me smile
    i read your comment over at Ariane's blog
    ;^))) those birds!!
    i like those connections
    and love your booklets!!

    Patrice A.

  9. Your unlimited amount of creative energy is such a pleasure (and a treasure, too)!! What a lovely little book again! Love the funny coincidence of cranes in both your and Ariane's drawings. Perfect symbols of moving without limits.

  10. I love your little books Norma and this one is a real treat- the birds are fabulous and serving the people...Mao aside is a wonderful reminder to remain open to the world around us- maybe getting outside oneself is the real key to limitlessness :)
    So good to see you back again here! Best- K

  11. I love you little book. Very special, personal and unique. The drawings are great. Hope to see more books from you!

  12. hi!
    i am the dc host this week
    are you in?

    Patrice A.

  13. ooooh this is wonderful and so original! I love your take on the theme no limits! I hope to join the challenge again and can't wait to see what you will create next!


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