Saturday, June 28, 2014

Nude with Blue Hair

dc140: nude
A quick collage of sorts with watercolor pencils and conte crayons. Done for the drawing challenge for this week, hosted by the lovely Patrice. See her spot for more offerings. You'll be delighted with what you see I promise! Thanks for dropping in today and hope to see you soon. I'm not much here these days it seems. I miss you all. Hugs, Norma, xo


  1. Hi Norma, I love the blue hair and the fluid strokes of her arm. Lovely.
    I hope you are well. I've been missing you. xo Carole

  2. A beautiful freely-rendered and yet classical nude, Norma - I love your colors.
    And I agree with Carole, I have been missing you.
    xxxooo. sus

  3. blowing kisses, norma! i love this! so free and real!


  4. for some reason i keep on seeing a fish in the right hand corner, which completes the composition for me, really... lovely to find you here, norma! miss you too! n♥

  5. Oh I love this! That you really have to look careful to see what is going on and then the words which kind of explains everything. I like the paper you used and then those soft colors. Realy nice Norma!

  6. Wow, those colours....and drawn with great energy! Love it!

  7. This amazes me Norma. The details you have achieved on this tiny tea bag does not look like it was easy! It's really beautiful.

  8. so expressive Norma! and I cant get over the title- very classy- it could be the beginning of a poem...but then I always feel that way when I see your work :)

  9. i love your use of colors
    something about blue with goldens and oranges
    and yes, very expressive
    lovely week to you ~

  10. Wow is that on a tiny tea bag? I love it!

  11. Missed you too fellow Vancouver (although now I'm in E) girl! Glad you're back. Lovely little collage. Don't you just love conte crayons? Such a lovely hit of colour. :) Go forth and photograph so I can know what's going on back home while I'm away (By the way, the village is having Canada Day celebrations (on the weekend) for me and I've brought Robert a Canucks jersey which he refuses to wear!)

  12. Ha, I was so delighted by that beautiful blue hair, that I totally forgot about her nudity... ;-))

  13. Looking again here, Norma, and smiling again at this uninhibited beauty! Will you join the challenge again this week, over at my place?

  14. Hi Norma, I feel like Tania this blue hair has such a strong vibe that you nearly carried away by it and forget about the theme. I like you spontaneous and colorful approach!
    xo barbara bee

  15. I love it! is painted on a tea bag?
    I really love it!
    and I like the quote "... and were not ashamed."
    And I wonder why nudity is shameful?

  16. such a fine and free drawing!
    as if she comes out of the sea
    a mermaid?
    i love it

    thank you so much for joining
    and sorry that i came over this late
    Patrice A.

  17. sending best wishes & loves, dear Norma



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