Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winter Secrets

dc123: swanlights

Stefanie has sent me on a creative journey unlike no other. I went places far and wide, but in the end decided to make a new little accordion folded book with two elements that spoke to me the loudest. Namely swan and water (winter cold water.) These prompted the new design for my beloved hand made paper and sumi-e ink sticks and brushes which are of import in making a little book.
This is the design for the book which I will use as a guide. It is quickly done and I make no apologies. I need to practice my brush strokes as I haven't held a sumi-e brush for quite some time.
And my stamp ink (red) is almost all dried up. Time for a new one of those.

Here is a close up of my black swan.
As it passes under a winter plum branch in the icy cold water, it leaves secrets behind. Perhaps buried under the water. To view more art contributions with this theme and for this drawing challenge please visit Stefanie's blog where you will be linked. Thank you so much dear friend for taking me on such a wonderful creative ride. Thank you for dropping in today. Hugs, Norma, x


  1. oh how wonderful!
    i love that it is a little book
    with a tie
    so charming!

  2. Norma, I love your little books, and this one is very wintery - the plum branch is beautiful, and the swan a noble creature. I like the idea of his leaving behind secrets in the ripples.
    best wishes, sus

  3. Ah, little books are always good. And your painting! Never let your ink and brushes dry up.

  4. I love these little books, but have not let myself commit to one yet. Thank you for sharing another--they are so wonderful!

  5. Dear Norma, your little books with handmade paper are always just lovely and I like that you choose this poetic winter theme with asiatic appearance. More than well done, my dear!!!
    barbara bee

  6. Your little books are so wonderful! I like your stroke of the brush, how you made that swan. And the combination with the light blue...just beautiful and precious!

  7. I lover your little books so much, this one with the black swan is really a treasure!
    :-) mano

  8. I've missed these little books of yours- and love that you chose a black swan- very elegant!

  9. oh, norma. i always love to read the words you add to your posts so. and this tiny booklet is so petitely cute. swans burying secrets underwater? cherish the thought!
    i love what you've done here, also those branches.
    i have a mission of my own : our new drawing challenge theme is up and we'd love to have you!

  10. Dear Norma, thank you so much for participating! The result is just beautiful, you know I love your little books and this one with the black swan - great! closed with a string and hidden, fantastic! I am just happy about it and I am proud :-)
    x Stefanie

  11. Hi Norma, your book is a little work of art (although i think there is not little art, there is not big art) is inspiring, (from to see your work i feel desire of make a kind of book, but i dont know if i be able)
    have a nice week!!!

  12. Oh, I nearly missed your swanlights! Luckily I didn't, because it's such a lovely piece again! Wonderful in every detail!

  13. I don't know how I missed seeing this little beauty earlier, but somehow I did. I adore this little piece. The book format is beautiful, as is your every line that you added so perfectly to this piece. I am enjoying such a lovely visit on this quiet boxing-day day. (It is always one of my favourite days of the year! - as it is kept for doing whatever we want)


Your comments make my day! Thanks for dropping by and we'll see you soon, I hope, *smiles* Norma


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