Friday, November 29, 2013

Winter berries

dc122: everyday objects
My favourite mug is white with birds on it. One of them, a black bird eating red berries, inspired me to try a drawing using oil sticks. I used my usual used tea bag paper which held up well considering the force I used with the sticks. Now the paper is a lovely greasy textured mess of sorts. Here is my mug:
Here is the visual that started me thinking of drawing a mug in the first place. I hope that Cathy is not insulted. HA! Thank you to dear Kristen for being the host for this challenge, and for choosing such a fun theme that got me going on the oil sticks. To see more contributions to this challenge visit Kristen's blog where you will be linked to all who are playing along this week. Thanks for dropping in and I hope to see you again soon, Hugs, Norma, x


  1. Hi Norma, I love your mug and I can see why you got inspired by it. Your drawing is great, with that bright blue color. I like that it's not worked out in detail and a bit "fussy", it seems that bird can fly away any minute from that mug!

  2. Oh I can understand why you love that mug! and your drawing is so natural and relaxed in gesture! Great color combo too!
    Thanks so much for playing along!! It's been awhile and I've missed you :)

  3. love both the mug and your drawing! great hommage to your favourite cup!

  4. dear Norma, your comments gave me a huge :^))))
    i love those glasses too, i bought them together with my brother
    the last time i visited him in Helsinki
    we went to the Arabia factory, fine, fine memories....

    i like your drawing very, very much
    oilstick on a used teabag, wauw....
    i love the colors, texture and that it's not that precise
    yes, like tania says, fine homage!


  5. mugs are in popular demand, i hovered over mine, then decided against them. but it must have been an adventure and a half to use your sticks on a tiny piece of (not so fragile then!) teabag paper. how inventive... colours remind me of spring, oh, and also of this afternoon, we only had bright sunshine in an exuberantly blue sky....

  6. What a beautiful mug - and I love how it inspired you. Your oil stick drawing on tea bag is just lovely! I love your ability to make these lines so loose yet perfect. I love how it turned out!

  7. Your fun drawing with oil stix inspires, Norma! Tea from your bird mug - delish!

  8. so beautiful, dear Norma - queen of the tea bag papers!
    It´s the beauty in daily life you show here. And using the tea bag paper gives another dimension, most people just throw it away...
    Love it!
    And I would love you to join the next d.c. I am the host and maybe your bird will transform into a swan?!?
    x Stefanie

  9. Great work, Norma. I wouldn't have thought a teabag would stand up to an oil stick! Love your mugs. xo Carole

  10. Hi Norma,
    I do not want to begin my comments being rude, so I say, thanks for your comment, you are too kind to me. I do not deserve your words.
    When I studied drawing,(actually I studied advertising) one of my professors said something that stuck in my mind, he said, "always a drawing is more beautiful than reality"
    and your painting confirms that phrase. your painting is much more beautiful than the cup
    Really very beautiful :))))))))

  11. enjoy your season dear Norma. thinking of you. sending best wishes & loves..

    happy holidays,



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