Sunday, December 15, 2013

One bird gets a plaster coat

DC124Garland cont'd. 

So I gave one of the birds a coat of plaster (not the easiest thing I've ever done, even though I've been working with plaster for years and years). I've never been so hands on and as usual want things to be perfect. This is as smooth a coat as I could get, seeing as the plaster dries lightning fast. In the end he looks sort of rustic and I don't mind the roughness.

He is posing in front of a tree here, looking dapper in his hat, I think. My daughter is going to fall in love with him instantly when I show her later today so I'll be giving him as is, to her. I will work on another bird with giving it a coat of plaster and then applying a layer of paper strips in a papier mache fashion. That is my plan anyway. As this bird stands, he is pretty much like I saw in the magazine spread a few days ago. I'll keep you posted. See you soon, I hope, hugs, Norma, x


  1. He is CHARMING! Good fun, Norma. Best wishes, sus

  2. Very festive and creative. I especially love the cardboard wing and jaunty acorn hat!

  3. It is lovely, fragile and on the other hand the roughness is perfect:) Leena

  4. Hihi, this is lovely and fun! Made me smile! And I love that bling-bling cage behind (at least it reminds me of a birdcage)! ;o)

  5. Oh so beautiful - I understand your daughter falling in love with him right away! I love every part of him, - his beak, his hat and his string that wraps up all of his beauty. Devine!

  6. i love this Norma
    what a great idea.
    he's perfect:)

  7. i am wondering how you got on, in the meantime, i do. do show us!
    i am wishing you all a very merry new year (since x-mas came and went), well, a splendid end of, and a great new start. i'll clinck my glass to our acquaintance at midnight soon.
    thank you so much for your sweet comments.
    so, you like my larder? i do too!
    a few bottles from the rack are missing, as we speak.
    never mind, we've got the photo.


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