Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Angels in the wings...

Angels have come calling to my muse. I'm dreaming of them and of making them. I'm wanting to draw them and I am making one of papier mache in a sort of 'construction.'

The mold I was making worked well and here you can see it separated into the two halves, and the start of an angel figure (bust) which has been cast from the mold you see.

I'd mixed up a batch of air dry clay so that I could push it into the areas where I wanted good detail. In this case, the face area. Once dried I placed it back in place inside of the mold and just continued on with the usual paper strips and boiled paste method. Together these will give me detail and a lighter weight overall.

My angel bust will have wings cut from metal from an old cookie tin. I plan to adhere them by a screw and nut combination so I need great strength in the back area where they will be attached. I decided to make an air dry clay back and made a paper strip shell which will have the clay section fit into the inside of the back. The air dry clay is as strong as a rock. Shockingly strong. It is a new material for me to work with so I'm just playing to my heart's content. I'll be making and attaching the wings before I put the two separate pieces together because I need to be able to work on the inside of the back. I've not done this before so it's a learning curve. I was most fortunate to be gifted a tutorial on how to work with plumbers putty and gold leaf in a kind of sculptural way. Once I get the wings in place, I plan to work in a bit of plumbers putty on the outside and then gild it. I don't know if I'll gild the wings or not. I will see when I get there.

My original plan was to have wires coming up from the wings where they join the back. They would come up and over the head and have jewels hanging freely from each end. But you know how the muse works! Even at this very early stage the muse has told me that this angel does not want the wire halo. This angel wants a circle of tiny amethyst chips strung onto wire and wound round itself into a wreath and placed on her hair. I always obey the muse.

Well, thanks for dropping in today. Nice to see you. I'll be working away on this when I'm not tied up helping my daughter make stock for her Christmas Fairs. See you soon I hope! *smiles* Norma


  1. so, you made the mpold? wow!!
    i have never worked in this medium...but you are making me want to!!!!
    the amethyst wreath for her hair sounds just divine!!!
    many times i have had something in mind..yet,as i worked something else just fit and i went with it...thus,safety pin eye,among other things,was "born"!!! i will be mailing a giftie soon..need to get to the post office!!! i will let you know!xo

  2. Well, Norma! Your plan sounds very well-thought-out and I applaud your confidence! Have fun following your Muse - I know you will. xxoo, sus
    ps - PLEASE show us the Angle when she is complete!

  3. So exciting!!!
    I am very anxious for more :)
    Big hugs!!

  4. aw, thanks for the mention! i hope to see how she develops. ...

  5. Oh, this is very interesting, I really like.
    Norma, you're one of the artists with whom I would be at your side while you are creating. It is the way to learn a lot!

  6. wow.
    and i always love your desciptions.


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