Friday, May 24, 2013

Feeling Mauve

dc104: Saying

I would not say that I am feeling blue these's more of a mauve tone of mood. And I put it down to the realization that I have neglected to honour my word and this letting of myself down has pulled a mauve curtain over my days. I have made more promises than I can keep (in the short term) and I hold promises sacred sort of. So for those of you who have not seen the package in the mail with my return address on it, I apologize, for it has not been yet mailed. The same goes for those who have not received a thank you from me, nor even a mention that what you have sent to me arrived! For shame on me. So I am ready to rip aside the mauve curtain and start putting things in packages for the post office, and to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) to say my very belated thank-you's.

I've been engrossed in making the little books that I make, and so for this drawing challenge I have adopted the theme of 'proverb or saying' into another of these books. This time I have a gal surrounded by mauve. Her rice plants are even mauve [dark] and the saying is thus: Consciousness of an honourable intention is the greatest consolation in troubles. ~Cicero

As you can see, this little book is quickly done. I'll be doing a 'better' one.

For more words of wisdom, see Patrice! Thank you so much for dropping in today. I hope to see you again soon! N, x


  1. This is so very apropos as I made formal apologies today to someone for a situation that was meant to honor them. Due to circumstances, however, it appeared to be just the opposite. If time were only as malleable as dough, could we stretch it to cover all our best intentions?

  2. I know how you must feel, I think eveyone does when they read your words. Sometimes this just happends and the only thing that makes you feel better is to start writing to those people;-) at least that is my experience. And I love your litte booklet, no need to make a better one, it is perfect to your "saying"!

  3. I agree with Celine... it is how it is sometimes, I love to tell myself in a case like this: it makes me human ;-)
    Dear Norma, I adore your little books in this rice paper (is it?), they are all beauties!
    feeling mauve - love it
    x Stefanie

  4. It may sound like I am copying the other comments, for they say exactly what I intended to say. - Life goes like that sometime, but not to worry! As for your book - adored! perfect! no need to make a 'better' one! Make more as they are all so lovely. I also love your words. Glad you are feeling mauve and not blue. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. That proverb is one I needed to read today.
    Good intentions... if only time would wait for us to catch up with them.
    And your little book looks perfect to me :)

  6. feeling mauve. well, hells bells. i love the sound of it! i shall feel mauve from now on, instead of blue, when the emotion grabs me.

    your booklet and its saying, ofcourse, gives your position away in the most honorouble way, norma! no, i can't see it was quickly done. if i was to make one, i'd probably still be sitting here. which only goes to show, we are good at being our own. i always love the asian touch in your works.

    ps - on obligations that befall us. your own rhythm is IT. i find i am slowly but strongly tuning down in my habits. i've put limits on internet use. perhaps it is because i am rummaging through ALL of the house, for finally emptying boxes? and stuff that comes out needs to stay, go up or down, and out even. and so my attention wanders to objects again, rather than to internet waves (where, let's face it, we spend alot of time without even noticing. it has its moments, and it is a sign of the times, nonetheless depriving us of other intentions we may have put forward. and we also do need to ground, i believe).
    you've got all the time in the world! :)))

  7. feeling mauve, you have me sensing what that is like. i think i have felt mauve many a time.

    love your simple book
    the zen like lines
    simplicity to the eyes
    so charming

  8. it's a beautiful little book with a wise sentence - I know what you mean, mauve...
    :)) mano
    ps: the red shoes belong to my daughter!

  9. Hi, Norma - I just have to lift you mauve mood by letting you know that your little books have launched me into a whole new world of artistic exploration as I build my own tiny volumes. Thanks and thanks again for your wonderful blog and even more wonderful art. xxooo, sus

  10. first i want to say, your little book is already perfect,her expression, that string from the mind to the heart with the bead in the middle, just perfect Norma,
    i'm sure we all recognize 'feeling mauve' which means it's only human, which means we all understand, don't worry.

  11. Hope your mauve state turns to bright yellow with vibrant specks of white Norma. I love your little booklet.

    Funny story, I have been double checking the blogs I follow to make sure everyone's buttons are shown on my blog and I could not find you. I thought I was following you and I guess I was not, though I know I've been here many times. So now after How Long? I am following you officially.

  12. making more promises than i can keep
    is so recognizable
    and i like your quote
    that's it, consciousness makes the difference
    and your lovely little booklet
    looks fine and perfect to me, as ever

    Patrice A.

  13. Mauve sounds like an in between color to feel and so very realistic - keeping our intentions ahead of us is sometimes all we can do....and that is important because it keeps us going in the right direction!
    Your book is gentle to behold!

  14. your little book ( and the others yes I took a stroll down) are wonderful! what a splendid idea!
    the quote from Cicero makes me think about consolation in troubles and feeling ... mauve ;)

  15. Well, thank you first for giving me an expression for a feeling that I hadn't a word for: mauve. I knew quite at once what you mean by this.
    And then your booklet and quote. If this is quickly done, I can't tell how impressed I am! This is so lovely again! Can't stop looking at your booklets!

  16. Like everyone else I understood mauve instantly and I know exactly what are you talking about, sometimes are mauve if we like it or not. I guess the trouble is that we were told that we can be and have everything we want and be endlessly happy like in movies but the reality is often different. Accepting the mauve is better sometimes and take slow steps one after another. It is a brillant idea to say NO! to all this inner critical voices (I know them myself very well, I have a bunch of nasty guys sitting in my head too) and better be nice to yourself get a nice day off go to a coffeeshop get a big fat muffin and a cappuccino and do only things you really like (without feeling guilty!!!!!)
    Don't push yourself to hard, everything is fine.
    Yes and your little booklet is superb again, very very well done!

  17. fantastic Norma!

    I really love the whole concept of this little book its an idea well resolved. Great textures too.

    Hope you are well

    Helen x

  18. Oh, I'm sorry to come so late to thank you for your comment and see your beautiful contribution to DC!
    your art is lovely and exquisite. I congratulate you! :)


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