Sunday, December 9, 2012

dc84: Little Red Riding Hood

Big Bad in the forest...
Here 'Big Bad' pauses in the forest, admiring the fresh snow fall. He is on his way to 'Little Red's' house. 'Little Red' has got wind of 'Big Bad's' whereabouts, so is sharpening the axe as we speak. Oh my!
A closer look:
The combination of felt, embroidery cotton, sequins and glitter make my inner child squeal out loud with delight. For a few years now, I've been dreaming of working with these materials and for this challenge (yes, I am a few weeks late but oh well...) I decided to put the materials to work. Here is my design in my art journal:
Here he is with the pieces cut out and laid out on the felt background:
Here the felt pieces have been embroidered and decorated and ready to be sewn:
So you can see how the design came into reality; from a drawing in a sketch book to the finished piece. To see more lovely artwork with this theme drop by Patrice's blog where she, as host, has links to the players. Thanks for dropping in, and I hope to see you soon! *smiles* Norma


  1. Oh my gosh, Norma these two are adorable! Thanks for sharing the works. xo

  2. sweet Norma
    it has been worth waiting!
    your wolf is wonderful
    as is the tree of the woods
    thank you!!

    Patrice A.

  3. these are great Norma!
    that's a wolf with zing!

    years ago i made some felt and beads christmas decorations too, i remember the fun i had working with these materials
    maybe i should look for them, ideal to decorate a tree when a nearly 2 year old grandson is spending the holidays here, soft and unbreakable

    the design in your art journal is just beautiful on its own, xx

  4. oh by the way i'm hosting this weeks challenge, you are very welcome to take part, x

  5. These are precious Norma! I would love to see what you could do with the other fairy tales as well.

  6. So charming ... I have a ton of ornaments that I created through the years ... I just don't have room for anymore, but it's so fun isn't it.

    Happiness always,

  7. OMGoodness Norma, these are delightful. They turned out beautifully. Also love to see how you created these in your sketch book first. I love to see an artists plans and thoughts on the way to the final creation. Beautiful work (as always)

  8. late for the one thing means early for the x-mas tree! because they'll go right in, won't they? i find the idea of a drawing challenge theme in your tree, or wherever, so charming! your designs are both symbolic and so attractive, it is making me squeal too, for different reasons. ;)))
    the sketchbook preps are a sparkle.

  9. Oh gosh, how could I nearly missed that one out? They are so cute and brillant at the same time. I just LOVE them. Colour, size, shape everything is perferct and thing perfect to hang in the tree. Good inspiration too, thank you.
    Have a nice time, Barbara

  10. Norma
    this is such a good post.....your design sketches are truly wonderful and then to see them come alive is the icing on the cake. Truly inspirational.

    Helen x

  11. oh yes, I can feel your inner child, such a nice and charming artwork!
    thank you for your comment dear Norma, I´m working with the tea bags and I love it, you gave me such a great inspiration! I´m on making fairy tale dollies with used tea bags and around 100 angels, crazy...
    big kiss

  12. I like your yellow wolf! Felt is a wonderful material!

  13. I enjoy reading about the creative process behind people's work.... a little insight into other's talents.......

    Love these two decorations.

    CLaire :}

  14. Oh!!! Big Bad!!! You are wonderful!!!
    Norma, this is a fabulous post - I so enjoy seeing your design sketch in addition to the finished character. Merry Christmas! -sus


Your comments make my day! Thanks for dropping by and we'll see you soon, I hope, *smiles* Norma


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