Sunday, November 18, 2012

dc83: Habit

The theme of 'habit' was chosen by beautiful Kristen who this week, is our host for the drawing challenge.
One of my habits is to drink a mug of coffee upon waking. If I am out of coffee, very strong HOT tea can be a substitute.
So I have decided to make a tiny mug in honour of my coffee habit, and I am making this for my art friend Kim, in honour of her friendship and her talent.
The paper mug is l/2" in diameter, and 5/8" tall. The decoration is a hand-painted bird. The titanium white is screaming and so I'll be toning that down with a coat of cold rubbed wax. Hopefully that will do the trick. Here's what it looked like during construction:
The main body is of sturdy card stock rom a 'file pocket' (normally I use this paper to stiffen beaks on the birds I make,) and is formed by wrapping a strip around the end of a magnifying glass handle. It is glued to shape and when dry, slipped free of the magnifier handle. The handle of the mug is a paper match stick. The 'thin' dime is to show scale:
Here is the mug that I normally enjoy my morning coffee in, and beside it sits the paper mug:
Earlier year Kim made a gorgeous tiny chair:
I made this mug as a companion piece to her exquisite delicate creation and will be sending it to her soon. Thanks for dropping by today. To see more takes on the theme of 'habit' click on to the lovely Kristen above. See you soon I hope, *smiles* Norma


  1. It's a lovely cup you've made! And I share that habit :) A cup of coffee or tea is a moment of stillness and even mindfulness to me.

  2. WOW Norma! I don't know what to say. A beautiful little cup, for the land of small! I LOVE it, and still can't believe you made it for me! I feel honoured to have such a wonderful blogging friend. You have such a steady hand to make something so small so beautiful.

  3. so cute - and a wonderful present for kim! I love her art work very much. and yours!! :-) mano

  4. dear Norma, you make me smile! Your cup is sooooo sweet, I love it. And I like how you share here your awaking-Norma-story. I was thinking of my cups for coffee and tea, too, while thinking about habits.
    wish you a good start in the new day, x

  5. this lovely little mug is filled with love,
    to sit on that beautiful tiny chair holding a mug full of love must be a wonderful feeling :)
    i love your originality a lot sweet Norma, x

  6. Norma!
    I smile all over!!
    loving that tiny cup
    with a bird!!



  7. it's a tiny mug! i hadn't fathomed until i saw queen elizabeth lying there...
    goodness, that is chique! norma!

  8. OK I can't tell you how much I love this little cup on so many different levels- what is it about things in miniature that turn me into a giddy human??

    And I have to say the coffee/tea habit is one many of us share ;)

  9. I have always LOVED miniatures, Norma, and your tiny mug is really cool. I, too, have the morning coffee thing but don't think I could substitute tea no matter how strong. Gotta be coffee! xxoo, sus

  10. the tiny mug is gorgeous Norma I love it just the way it is even with the very white. Would look beautiful against charcoal grey.

    Such a lovely idea!

    Helen x

  11. Your little cup is absolutely adorable and finely crafted!
    Pure sweetness.

  12. hi norma, before i forget....
    you are very welcome to join.
    next weekend's challenge...
    ayaya - ooy! ;)))

  13. Such a sweet little mug.......I love birds and this is adorable.
    A gift to be treasured.

    Claire :}


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