Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Birdbrain Surgery

Last month I started a new batch of birds which I'd planned to give to friends, family and neighbours. I laboured for weeks over these. When I'd reached the stage of wrapping the beaks I realized that the birds were completely unuseable and were destined for the trash bin. They lay silently for a few weeks while I scrambled to purchase some of the gifts to replace them, and make completely new things that I'd not originally planned for this year.
So now today, with the hustle and bustle quietened down I went back to the pile of birds. Out of desperation, I'm attempting brain surgery and this just may well work. I have started on the pink one as it is a special birdie for a special friend which I will see at month's end. So far so good.
But look at the operating table. It is a book I got yesterday from my daughter as a Christmas present. I can barely wait to get started drawing birds again. It's been a few months since I've done that. Now that I have this brilliant book that gives lessons, I am thrilled to dig in. But bird drawing will have to wait upon brain surgery on a dozen wee birds.
Hope you are all having a swell time. See you soon, I hope, love Norma, x


  1. Hi Norma, ha, I thought I might see a picture of you actually doing surgery on a bird. So glad to see your lovely pink bird instead. I love this one. How many others are you operating on? Have fun. xo

  2. i'm sure you are going to safe your birds norma ;)
    looking forward to your bird drawings xx

  3. The new book looks like a great inspiration, Norma. Hope your bird surgery goes well and quickly. I am taking a little winter break but dropping by my studio today for a few hours just to tidy up. Xxooo - sus


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