Saturday, August 25, 2012

Giuseppe is going to Carnivale!

DRAWING CHALLENGE NUMBER 74 Theme: Carnivale/Circus
I think that art makes people happy. I like the idea that being able to look at art whenever one wants is a happy state of affairs. Two years ago an idea popped into my head (imagination) to design a little pocket carryall that has an outside pocket that is see-through so that a piece of art could be popped in and viewed whenever one wanted. The art inside could be switched up according to whim.
For this design challenge, hosted by the gracious and talented Helen, who gave us 'carnivale/circus' as a theme, I decided to make the pocket clutch and to paint something 'carnivale' for the picture pocket on the outside of the clutch. Here is the painting. Meet Giuseppe:
He will be placed inside the outside picture pocket in just a moment, but I wanted you to see what the envelope looks like empty. I sewed this with my new old zigzag sewing machine which is sewing the way it wants to. I used the thread already in the machine which turns out to be brown on top and white underneath; and to use the thread tension which was set when I bought it (way way too loose), and only switched the stitch length and attached a zipper foot. So yes, there are wavy sewing lines and off coloured thread and skipped stitches. You can see all of the lumps and bumps folk! This is a prototype, let's say:
Now Giuseppe is in, looking out:
The envelope clutch as been loaded up with stuff:
And here is the back view of the loaded up envelope clutch:
So there is my contribution to this week's drawing challenge. Thank you Helen, very much for being the gracious host for this fun event. I can't wait to pop on over to your blog and see what you have done. AND to visit all of the participants for this week. If you want to see the fun and talent here, click on to Helen's name which is highlighted above, and you'll be transported via links, to a bevy of beauties! There is fun to be had here. Thanks again, Helen!
Thanks for dropping by. Hopefully, we'll see you again soon, *smiles* Norma


  1. Hi Norma

    Giuseppe is very distinguished and looks fab in the front pocket.
    What a great idea I like the fact that you can change it to make 'new' looks.

    Thanks for joining in.

    Helen :)

  2. your giuseppe is all he needs to be, looking out into the world a little bewilderingly perhaps, but wise, is he wise! happy to sit where he sits, i'm in no doubt. perfect clutch too, by the way. what zaggy stitches? have you seen mine?

  3. What a great idea that outside pocket!
    And I am surprised as usual how different the other artists create for a same challenge theme.
    So happy to meet Guiseppe x Stefanie

  4. oh Guiseppe, what a great owl he is!
    i like the idea of taking a little piece of art with me (can work great when one find oneself in a rather unpleasant place) i also like it being not 'perfect' making it even more charming, and thirdly i like how you always choose to do something very 'Norma' with the d/c themes, wonderful! xx

  5. What a lovely idea - love to meet the little Guiseppe.

  6. I too am loving this Norma... what a great idea, and a great painting!

  7. What a clever idea Norma!!!!
    I'd love to carry a little clutch like this one, especially with a little Guiesppe peaking out!

  8. He is very wise - and so is the little clutch - that COLOR is Fabulous! xxoo, sus


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