Friday, August 17, 2012

Fortune Card [Drawing Challenge 73]

My card for this challenge hosted by the lovely Ariane this week, turned into a fortune telling card. I made a little shadow box for it to rest in.
This really is a shadowbox isn't it? It was a blazing sun this afternoon when I shot the photo. The back of the card contains the sentiment to this card. It reads:
When the card is removed the empty shadowbox holder look like this:
I gave this card the number 2 for no particular reason. A bird rests momentarily on a blossoming branch against a white coloud. It is painted in acrylics.
Thanks for dropping in today, and remember to go up top and click on Ariane to get a wonderful viewing of the other participants' artwork. They are all linked by Ariane. See you soon I hope! *smiles* Norma


  1. Oh I like this Norma! I love both the card (front and back) and the box!
    Good fortunes to you this weekend!

  2. lovely colors
    great quote
    I like your card
    front and the back
    and a beautiful bird
    looking out for something

  3. Dear Norma,
    I would be happy if those pretty card tell my future, what a fortune! with those special quote...
    And the shadowbox calls for more, no?

    Thank you!
    x Ariane

  4. beautiful card - I like the painting, the words.. and the pretty shadowbox.
    :-) mano

  5. oooh fortune cards!!

    I didnt think of that arent you clever

    I love how you interpeted this theme shadow box and fortune card

    fabuloso Miss Norma!

    Helen x

  6. Norma, your sunny fortune card makes me smile, like a little cooling breeze in the hot sunny day. So pretty! Sometimes fortune cards can seem menacing but this one is all good times ahead. xxoo, sus

  7. I like your implementation, it has something of a summer breeze full of promises,light-hearted and beautiful.

  8. Dear Norma, a very nice artwork! My eyes love the colors.
    Always good to visit this place,
    X Stefanie

  9. :)))
    bird is so happy to have its own shadow box!
    on birds, just today i happened upon the bower bird and its mating expertise... yours could be a-one, i'm telling ya!

  10. this is the kind of box i look into and want to be in it myself, the circles, the colours, a wonderful world you created in there and that delicate kingfisher? would be lovely company, beautiful dear Norma! xx

  11. Hi again Norma!

    I have nominated you for a Liebster award, I hope you'll be happy to join in :-) To take part you must write 11 things about yourself and then nominate another 11 blogs which each have less than 200 followers.

    All the best, Chloe x


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