Saturday, June 2, 2012

Shadow Cloud

Drawing Challenge: Shadow Our wonderful host this week for the drawing challenge is Ariane. She chose the theme SHADOW for this week and this really was one of my most enjoyable experiences. My piece is called "Sun cloud/Shadow cloud" and I wonder if you can tell which cloud cast the shadow of gold?
The clouds are sewn on used tea bag paper, with celery seeds (one of my favorite materials to use in art pieces) embedded between two layers of paper. I just wish I owned a darning foot for my sewing machine because then the lines of sewing would be even and fluid and more in keeping with the shapes of clouds. But all I have is an old 'white' model of electric sewing machines that will only do one in a straight line. I am just glad to own that because the old beast holds the tension perfectly. I never adjust it. The gold cloud shadow is painted in gold water color and edged in hand-stitched gold metallic thread. Thanks for dropping by and we'll see you soon, I hope. *smiles* Norma
Don't forget to go up to the link for Ariane where you will see many interesting and fabulous pieces of art with this theme of 'shadow.'


  1. Wow...this is so very special and feels sacred and magical...powerful work!

  2. Dear Norma,

    great events are often foreshadowed... sometimes as the seeds!

    Thank you for your shade cloud


  3. This is such a fab idea Norma, loving the stitched clouds and seeds, plus the fab gold. Enjoy the weekend, Annette x

  4. this is a beautiful piece!!

  5. Norma
    your use of teabag paper as a surface makes for very interesting and diverse ideas for these challenges. I love this and dont mind the stitching style in fact it kind of adds its own edge to it.

    What I would like to see though is the scale of the work in context as well as the up close detail shots.
    Maybe next time ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend Norma

    Helen :)

  6. Mmmmm this piece is sensual with the texture and the gold combined, Norma. I just want to gently touch it and hold it up into the light. Your sewing machine makes wonderful stitches. Carole :)

  7. This is absolutely beautiful. Original. Different.
    Thank you!

  8. this is absolutely wonderful. poetry! love your work!

    try to sew without foot ... that´s the trick.

  9. how to get poetry into a used teabag...and you did it again !
    love the idea of a golden shadow
    and the lines are absolutely fine just as they are,
    beautiful piece Norma, x

  10. your little teabag is a great work!
    dear norma, may I invite you to the next drawing challenge (9./10.6.)? I'm the host with the theme "LETTERS". If you like to count in, take a look to my blog! mano x

  11. norma, i have a machine like that. it is actually everything but subtle on paper, which is why i'm in awe of your effort on tea bag paper anyway... !

    it is the sheer size of your work that bewilders me. you must have delicate fingers, or something. i mean, a tea bag (size)! through using these, you offer us vintage too, which has a surprising effect.

    this thought of clouds, and a golden lined one at that... ha!

  12. OK two of my most favorite mediums stitching and gold!! I love it and such a unique interpretation on so many levels - I always like work that makes me think :)
    thank you for sharing!

  13. I keep wondering how you do it
    or does your teabags have a bigger size....
    I love stitching on paper
    a fine delicate piece

    thank you!

  14. i absolutely love stitching on paper. i do i do!!
    your golden shadow is lovely as well. very clever.


  15. wow this is so so so special, so beautiful!
    I love the material you use, as always.
    x Stefanie

  16. just wonderful and so exquisite because of the perfectly placed gold! x julia


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