Saturday, June 23, 2012

Drawing Challenge: Who am I?

Well the theme this week is: Who am I? What do I show and what do I not show (to the world) and basically I never show myself so this was a tough one for me. I decided to show the world a self-portrait done with my non-dominant hand, in charcoal. I did this 5 minutes ago.
I chose a sheet of paper torn from a dictionary and searched for the word BRAVE as this was brave of me to show even a rough idea of "me" but then when the drawing was finished I couldn't find the word and discovered that I'd drawn on the flip side so that the word brave isn't there but the word BRAVA (meaning: used interjectionally in applauding a woman) was there. A nice bit of serendipity I think.
I don't even know what that heavier eye is all about. My face is quite asymmetrical but this drawing shows an eye larger and darker than I can imagine...even in real life. So maybe I am watching myself, or starting to see. Who knows. So lightly caressing the idea of what I show to the world are the following: a happy, enthused, approachable, sometimes unkempt, arty [and I don't really know what this means except that people often tell me that this is their first impression of me,] older woman who usually has an opinion of something. And lightly exposing what I don't show include these: I've not really looked into a mirror since 1997 [time flies,] I have eastern leanings in the spiritual department, I was diagnosed with M.S. in 1991 but am not in a chair and have no plans to be. That's all I feel like sharing for now.
Our host this week is Patrice and if you pop on over to see her she'll direct you to the participants in this challenge. Have a look at all of the wonderful eye candy.
Nice to see you and we'll see you soon, I hope. *smiles* Norma
P.S. The name drawn by for the giveaway of the decorated envelope is Renilde and I'll be contacting you for your information about what you would like written on it. I completely wish that I could make an envelope for all of you, but I have only the one. Thank you so much for leaving the comments that you did. It's so much fun.


  1. Dear Norma,
    nice to meet you!

    Very nice drawing... you did it with your non-dominant hand?!
    would be a nice theme for the drawing challenge, wouldn't it?

    x Ariane.

  2. Yes it would!! Do you want me to host? N, xo

  3. i love who you are!!
    non-dominant hand...REALLY?
    oh,i waNT YOUR TALENT!!!!

  4. dear Norma, i liked those eyes immediatly and the way you drew them...are you sure your hands aren't equally dominant :)

    keep being 'artsy' and yes stay out of that wheelchair, this is a brave post indeed, brava Norma!

    still smiling about the envelope coming my way :) x

  5. i agree with renilde - are you sure your hands aren't equally dominant? ; )

    wow, norma, i think this drawing is wonderful. and i also think it is very brave...


  6. wow!
    nice drawing Norma....I love it on that page of text. Its simple spontaneous and very serendipitous!
    I get a feeling of a 'wave' not hello/goodbye wave but movement caused by the larger eye this drawing has movement.

    Love it

    Helen the Brava too!

  7. PS Norma I think it would make a great challenge ;)

  8. Hi Norma, wow this is incredible and with non dominant hand??? Thank you for revealing yourself to us through your sketch.
    Take care and just have fun.

  9. older woman with an opinion about something - now I KNOW we have a lot in common! Love this drawing, and the serendipity that happened in the dictionary. I smile, sus

  10. dear brave Norma,
    I love the drawing
    of you
    the bigger eye
    your words
    and wisdom
    and yes, it would make
    a grand theme!
    stay arty
    and out of that chair
    thank you so much for sharing!

    Patrice A.

  11. for a non dominant hand drawing i am quite simply speechless... {so, i gather this could be next weekend's theme; non dominant hand drawing?}

    ... and the story to go with it, that is quite a brave revelation about yourself, norma.
    i am glad to get to know you better.

  12. We have our next host here,
    dear Norma!
    'drawing with the non-dominant hand' is the theme,
    right? Thank you!

    x Ariane

  13. Okay ladies, grab yer pencils! And we're off! The theme will be called: Use your non-dominant hand to create whatever you wish (in short "non-dominant hand"). I will post about this but need to do a different post beforehand (which is an entirely different hand altogether!). Have a brilliant day everyone. Hugs *smiles* Norma

  14. Brava!! Norma - I love that you looked for brave and got applause :) how perfect!
    and I love the non dominant theme you inadvertently chose- you have a head start though with this lovely self portrait ;)
    all the best!

  15. Drawn with non dominant hand? Well, I'm speechless! This is amazing, Brava!!

    ♥ tanïa ♥

  16. Norma, this is a wonderful, brave post! I love your honesty and strong drawing, thank you x Leena

  17. if that´s what you do with your non-dominant hand, what shall we call mine then? you do it better with your non than me with my dominant one ever.

    ok- i start to practice :)
    hugs, dear norma!


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