Friday, May 4, 2012

Sea Gooseberry

UNDERWATER LIVE/LOVE My illustration for week number 59 is a Sea Gooseberry. It's drawn to size (1 and 1/8") on used tea bag paper with Castell Polychromos colored pencils, Conte pastel pencils, and acrylic ink.
When I think of underwater and love in the same sentence my mind always goes here: I live in Vancouver and these otters were filmed at the Vancouver Aquarium, by a tourist. When the video went public, it went viral. Sadly, one of them passed due to cancer some time ago. Thank you Julia for hosting this drawing challenge! *smiles* Norma Next week's host will be: Stefanie! I am looking forward to this. Everyone is welcome here.


  1. hello Norma, a sea gooseberry, well i never heard of that before but you drew one beautifully and on teabag paper, very effective as underwater background.
    who would not be touched by those otters,so wonderful, thanks for showing.

  2. that video brings tears to my eyes, you know, but i've fully enjoyed the commentaries too.
    hi norma! you've learned me a thing on sea gooseberries! i like your material interpretation. it must be lovely to see it for real, to its teabag size.

  3. I had to look that one up
    sea gooseberry
    and found amazing pictures

    and that video
    otters are great
    always liked to watch them
    but never saw them holding hands

  4. i´m learning a lot here. sea ​​gooseberry and holding hands otters are new to me.

    your drawing on tea bag paper is magical. love!

    and the otter...what a joy!

    thank you!

  5. Hello Norma,
    I've smiled at the otter and am sad because one is alone now. This scene where one reach for the other's paw... *sigh*

    And even I never saw or heard about a sea gooseberry! Thank you.

    ;-) Ariane.

  6. okay
    Im in awe of the fact that such a lovely intricate image resides on a teabag! But it makes me love it even more.

    Those otters are so cute I didnt realise how sociable they were.

    Helen :)

  7. I like to eat gooseberries and chinese and cape gooseberries... but I never heard about sea ones! just now I have a look to google pictures and I saw many beautiful photos. your one on a teabag paper is a great variety - I love it!
    and the video is so cute, I'm very touched about ist! x mano

  8. what a lovely drawing, it looks like a combination of universe AND underwater. beautiful! x julia off to check out gooseberrys

  9. Hi Norma, I love the artwork, it is delicate in both the tones and lines, beautiful! Cute film, too, thank you for sharing:) Have a nice week! Leena

  10. That video was "sigh" touching- they are such sweet animals- so much to adore.
    I love your tea bag drawing very clever! and I've never heard of a sea I have to go look it up :)

  11. that video is about the sweetest thing i've ever seen. makes me a bit teary.

  12. Oh my gosh, I had forgotten about the otters holding hands! Sooooo cute! I grew up in Vancouver and went to the aquarium (it was the zoo back then) all the time with my family.
    I have never heard of a sea gooseberry but the one you've drawn is fabulous! Gotta go google sea gooseberries now! Bye!

  13. let´s be like those otters holding hands :)
    such a heartwarming video- i have to show that to my grandchildren, thanks!

    sea gooseberries- so luminous!
    your work just perfect.

  14. Art on tea bags always amazes me I've tried it but without success. I think I'm using the wrong sort of tea bags.
    The otter video is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing it.

  15. Carole: I grew up in Vancouver as well. When the zoo was in operation, do you remember the glass area holding the pink flamingos (I used to love those as a child), and the cage of screaming monkeys?
    Fuzzie Fingers: the thing about the tea bag paper is that it is thin but it is also strong, remarkably. Instead of drawing a pencil point across the paper in one stroke, try doing a gentle light stroke and repeat over top of the line again and again to get volume. If you use india ink you have to work fast and as light as a feather. If you use watercolor you have to use a dry brush with as much pigment as you can get. Pencil crayons are like heaven. Conte crayons divine. They are like a pastel crayon/pencil and deposit the most luxurious color on the paper.


Your comments make my day! Thanks for dropping by and we'll see you soon, I hope, *smiles* Norma


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