Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Drawing Challenge: Paperdoll/Drama

This week I am the host for the drawing challenge and have chosen the theme Paperdoll/Drama. Make a flat paper doll that has a large skirt area which will be the drama setting. Here you can tell the story. Maybe it is a comedy...maybe a dramatic idea...maybe a secret (which you don't really have to tell but can allude to)...maybe a story of encouragement, hope, success...you name it. My doll has a secret that she keeps hidden deep within the folds of her underclothing. She will keep the secret to herself but it is about the day her gringo took her to the old church...
Come on in and join the fun. Everyone is welcome here. All you have to do is to create your piece that you would like to show to the group, and then do a post about it this coming Saturday May 26 on your blog. I will keep the main list of the participants here, with links so that you can go back and forth easily.
To join in, leave a comment below saying that you are IN!
Who is playing this week? . Netty . Marfi . Tatjana . Melanie . Ariane . Renilde . Helen . Stefanie . Nadine . Lynne .Jennifer
Who will be the next host? ARIANE! Nice to see you and we'll see you soon, I hope! *smiles* Norma


  1. Your dolls looks fabulous. Would love to play along, just hope I get the time...and it turns out half decent. x

  2. Hi Norma!
    Your doll is great... I would like to join in... Sounds like fun!!!

  3. dear norma. thank you for the invitation. the theme is wonderful!

    we are on a little journey from friday to monday. but i'll post "from the road"...on saturday or sunday...

    have a nice week!

  4. Great idea I'd love to play along as well. I'll be posting from the cottage! Have a great week

  5. Hello, dear Norma,
    very interesting, beautiful paperdoll!

    I'm in - and I would like to play your great theme 'Paperdoll/Drama' more 'freestyle'... see you this weekend!


  6. i'll give it a try dear Norma, x

  7. count me in Norma!

    see you on the weekend.
    Your paperdoll has me intrigued and my mind is abuzz with ideas......

    Helen :)

  8. Hi Norma, would love to play along but I am doing the 29 Faces challenge and I would be really pushing it to try to fit another challenge in. This looks fun and love that lace. Looks familiar???
    Have a wonderful week and thanks for dropping by. Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway if you haven't,still time to do so.

  9. Hi Norma..........woo hoo she is made and not turned out too bad. Will probably post late Saturday evening as am out for the day. Thank you for such a great challenge, Annette x

  10. Looking forward to seeing it! *smiles* Norma

  11. Thank you for the invitation, my dear art friend.
    I love your idea, but I am busy with some projects...
    well, but how can I resist?
    So please count me in, I will try my best!
    x Stefanie

  12. Stefanie! Goodness art friend! If you are too busy with other commitments please do not feel you have to do this week's drawing challenge. Life has to be metered out in shared chunks of time. I did put your name as being IN but for Pete's sake no worries if a drawing doesn't get done for this theme. *smiles* Norma, xo

  13. This is such a great idea. I'll be looking out for all the wonderful paper dolls.

    Happiness to all.

  14. hi norma! i love you for picking this, because i missed the theme the first time around, way back when i didn't participate yet, and i've always wanted to make a paper doll. so fortunate it turns up again.
    i'm in.

  15. Awesome Nadine! I love paper dolls too. I must have made hundreds by now. For a few years my daughter and myself owned a yahoo group where we swapped dolls every month. Way fun!! *smiles* Norma

  16. hi norma, i'm in... : )

    your doll has me thinking and thinking. the secret is faintly whispered...


  17. Lynne!! Oh yes I am now sitting on the edge of my seat leaning forward...waiting...wondering...excited...about what you have come up with. Don't you just love secrets?? Especially the untold ones. *smiles* Norma
    p.s. see you Saturday ~ I'll be there with bells on!

  18. Don't you just love secrets?? uh huh... : )


  19. Heres mine
    Thank you for such a fun challenge. Annette x

  20. Do you know its a German text under her skirt,
    dear Norma?
    I've published my paperdoll drama... Its one version.
    Another is still in my head. Maybe I'll put it online later. Love the theme.
    Thank you!


  21. well Ive posted my paper doll shes not what I expected....
    not ethereal or whimiscal kinda solid and grounded hee hee hee

    I think Ill enjoy your paper doll while Im here its very nice Norma.

  22. Dear Norma, this was a lovely theme(made my first doll too and had fun)
    I now came back to have a closer look to your doll,(i was in a kind of hurry the other week) a romantic one but also free-spirited and a little mysterious, how i love that combination! wonderful! x

  23. dear norma, your doll is so beautiful!
    I'm so sorry that I couldn't join, but we are not at home last week. perhaps later... I love this theme!

  24. Wow she is exquisite nothing like the paper disney dolls I played with as a child.

  25. I love your doll! All that is under her skirt...her skirt reminds me of the doily my grandmother kept on her sewing machine.

    Greetings to you from Wichita, Kansas! I found you via Lynne Hoppe's blog post about your challenge.

    Have a great rest of the week!


Your comments make my day! Thanks for dropping by and we'll see you soon, I hope, *smiles* Norma


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