Friday, May 18, 2012

Little Bird wearing Red Riding Hood

This theme of 'fairy tale' was chosen by the lovely and talented host this week, Tatjana! I started planning a painting of my all time favorite fairy tale 'Thumbelina' and dug out the paper and pictures for reference and watercolor box and brushes and began and ... within 5 minutes the muse took over and I found myself working in acrylics and pencil crayons and conte crayon pastels to create a little bird wearing a red riding hood which will become a brooch as I continue to work on it. Just in case I wreck it completely, I decided to take a photo because this little bird melts my heart as it is.
Of course I painted this little creature on used tea bag paper. What else would it be? *smiling* Norma
And don't forget to pop in to the lovely Tatjana's blog (link above) to view all of the participants in this drawing challenge. This should be lots of fun.
p.s. nice to see you and hope to see you soon!


  1. norma, sweet heart! your comment makes me smile right back. thank you.

    but oh your hooded bird! and a brooch from it? i would love to see the outcome to that.
    your imagination is vivid, i can imagine the tea bag paper helps.
    lovely muse, tweet tweet....

  2. The little bird is beautiful.I love butterflys so was pleased to see your
    button and will make some to send to the project,its a great idea the museum came up with,

  3. very lovely bird, it flies directly in heart!
    And I always love how you explain your work.
    x Stefanie

  4. love the little red ridinghood bird, I'am curious how the brooche will look like! I want to wear it instandly

    have great weekend


  5. I'm melting too dear norma,
    very touching and very very beautiful!
    and i love how you love your work! xx julia

  6. dear Norma,

    as I have a love for birds
    with a Robin being one of my favorites
    I keep looking at yours
    a little red riding-hood
    and love it

    Patrice A.

  7. I cant tell you how much I love the fact that these little artworks are created on used teabag paper. It gives them a delicate quality. I think you need to explore the brooches further your crotchet edging is fine it just adds to the whole look methinks :)

  8. I just read my comment its late and Im tired and it didnt come out right.... I meant that you should definitely make more of the brooches (need to explore them) I think they are quite lovely. :)

  9. Sweet and charming painting - and such a great idea, I love the Red Riding Hood Birdie:)

  10. Such alovely bird, i love it,

    and i like your blog...

    Greetings Andrea

  11. dear norma! your lovely birdie is magical. i feel the joy you had when painting.

    thank you!

  12. I love robins, I love red riding hood, and particularly I love your wonderful little birdie! :-))

  13. dear Norma, you brooch is so lovely but your painting here on that teabag, oh with the creases and that stained brown it's touching and full of tales, x


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