Monday, August 1, 2011

Golden Ambition and Illimitable Dreams

Several huge bats with white heads darted in irregular flight over her. While in the unearthly starlit gloom, a shining, red-tinged dust cloud shrouded her soul. She saw through the eyes of golden ambition and illimitable dreams. She welcomed answering to some strange need in itself. Her unforgettable interpretation of that ~ love.

This artdoll prim started out to be a planning doll for myself to give to the Comfort Doll Project. The only rule is that the doll be no taller than six inches so as to be able to fit into a pocket. I'd planned to give this away and then make one for a giveaway on my blog and then to maybe make some for my etsy shop. The only thing I knew for sure was that the entire doll was to be hand stitched (absolutely no machine stitching) and that she'd have wings that were tied on so they could be removed or attached according to whimsy. I knew that the face would be adhered with acrylic gel medium and then encaustic, and she'd have hair but not necessarily a lot of hair. So I began. Sketched in the face on used tea bag paper and right off the bat she reminded me a bit of Amy Winehouse so I gave her big hair with a pouf. I wanted a quote for the wings that said "Tears dry on their own" or "My tears dry on their own." I sat at the kitchen table (I am house sitting for my daughter so do not have any of my art supplies so I am digging into hers...which are very different than mine...and very exciting really) and started pouring through the only two books that I could find in english that I could cut up to get the quote. Fast forward two hours. Still no quote. One was a dud sort of and the other was a Zane Grey mystery. Wowser! I never did get the Amy quote but some phrases jumped right out demanding to be used so I followed the lead of the muse and let it happen. Thus the quote in the first paragraph. I quickly made the wings (which tie on) and put a very makeshift dress together and called it a day. I am disappointed that I can't give this particular doll away [her dress is hideous and the colors of hair (way over done) and wings, etc. don't work]. She doesn't even have arms. But she will be my prototype and now I can plan better to make a nice dress with wings that at least match it and hair that is way scaled back.
Just wanted to show you what I am working on today. Nice to see you, *smiles* Norma

I am off to Value Village to look for Zane Grey novels! Wowser! Who knew? A goldmine of found words!

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  1. I am loving that beehive hairdo though! She is pretty cool. Love to see where you pretty,pes goes from here. xox Corrine


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