Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What is on your workdesk Wednesday


Yesterday I started what I thought was to be a very quick sketch for today's post and it was going swimmingly until I started to sketch the pinecone! Have you ever drawn a pinecone? I immediately ran into trouble so knew I'd have to do a preliminary sketch and when I carefully began that part I came to realize that a pinecone is probably one of the most difficult things to capture in a drawing there ever was (in my opinion now). So I slowed right down and did the best that I could. I have a new appreciation for those little things!
This giveaway will be drawn on Sunday. It is an unknown flower seed pod, another heart rock that I found the other day, a pinecone, and with a few real lupin seeds thrown in for good measure. India ink, watercolor pencil on used tea bag paper. Just leave a wee comment for your name to be added!

Thanks for dropping in! *smiles* Norma

What is on your workdesk Wednesday? Drop in to see what great art happens!


  1. oh how i love this one too. if I am allowed, i would love to enter- i think having more than one of your pieces, framed next to one another would look amazing. xoSandy

  2. Thanks for the compliment Sandy! *smiles* Norma

  3. Before I read your words I was thinking how great your pinecone drawing was, soooooo.....
    one never knows. I am really enjoying your series. xox Corrine

  4. Corrine, your drawing that you won is around here somewhere but not immediately visible. Tea bag paper is light. I think a waft of wind made it fly (nearby) so I need to have a good look. sheesh! *smiles* Norma
    p.s. have you ever drawn a pinecone? It is truly a zen like experience. I mean it brings up all kinds of stuff...frustration...the desire to give up...the idea that one is a loser for not being able to draw it properly...etc. etc. It's an amazing experience. I am definately going to draw more. Just as an exercise.

  5. I think you did a fine job in drawing the pine cone (especially if you've never done it before).

  6. the drawing looks so good!
    great job:)

  7. Hi there, Thanks for sharing your desk this week! I'm dashing around this week like the white rabbit; places to go and things to see! Hope you have a lovely week.


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