Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Spirit Bottle

My bar is one of my favorite things in the world. I don't drink. A sip of liqueur in a shot glass maybe six times a year. When I write out my Christmas cards, when something really special happens, when something really awful happens, you know, those kinds of events. And sometimes just because.
I have a full bottle of Cointreau unopend that I received last year for Christmas. Same for a bottle of Baileys. My favorite drink is B&B and that is what I usually have on the go. But a bar is one of the most fun, social, inviting, warm, and just visually beautiful things in this world that I can think of. So I love my bar. A full on chandelier sits under my bar as I have no room to hang it. It sits on a mirror on the floor which reflects the light, and there is a full length mirror at the back of the bar so when the chandelier is lit up there is a whole lot of reflected light going on. Nothing subtle here.
Yesterday I received in the mail a beautiful 'spirit bottle' that is a piece of art made by an artist that I met on line some time ago. You shake it for luck. I put it in with my other bottles of spirits on my beloved bar, where it has pride of place. I shook it up real good and I am thrilled to have this treasure. Thank you Corrine!

Corrine also sent a large skein of hand spun natural fibre which will find its way into something I have in mind. It looks hand dyed and there is a bag of gorgeous linen and some glass beads which are tiny, tiny, tiny. I am truly thankful for this package of delicious things. Thank you again Corrine!


  1. You are most welcome, after all you spun a story of some fantastic poles decorated with fabric and birds and all manner of wondrous things....xox Corrine

  2. How sweet, I think we all need a jar like that!! Keep smiling and creating


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