Friday, January 17, 2014

Owl numen in a little book

dc125: Numen

Numen is the idea for the drawing challenge this week. Hosted by Tammie Lee; she chose this wonderful theme for us all to experience. I hope you have as much fun viewing what I made as I did making it. It took me two seconds to come up with this idea for my contribution to this challenge because I didn't think that numen could be expressed in any form other than a 'feeling' of something tangible (or intangible come to it) and so I chose owls to show the feeling around them. One thin dime has been placed beside the book to show its small size [when closed, a bit smaller than 1.5 inches X 1.5 inches.] The cover is suede in a nice medium brown and the 'bead' closure is a chip of citrine which has been tumbled. The colours remind me of morning sunlight on a branch in the forest. Perhaps one that an owl spent the night on. The binding is sewn in a natural fibre (linen I think) in a long stitch. What dreams do you have? What fears do you have? If we learn behaviors germane to OWL, we can learn how to perceive differently, quietly, patiently, discreetly, with different senses [perhaps with our sixth sense,] with intuition, by listening differently.

Perhaps we can learn that not all we fear needs fearing. And that not all dreams are impossible. Thank you for dropping in today, and please have a look at Tammie Lee's blog to be linked to all those who are joining in for this week's drawing challenge. Best to you all, hugs, Norma, xo


  1. so cute!!! your tiny booklet gives me great feelings, dear Norma!
    and yes, your words are good, too, I think this is a theme "Numen"... it is more to feel than to bring into a picture. So this week theme is hosted by Numen in a way, isn´t it? well, my English... I hope you get the feeling ;-)
    have a nice weekend x Stefanie

  2. Oh my, Norma! I love this book, it feels like such a treasure! So tiny, so full of wisdom and love... it is just wonderful, I love it!

  3. Beautiful post and so brilliantly done..your owl is magnificent...powerful and mystical! I love all of the words you have written...very meaningful and poetic! awesome for this theme!
    Visiting from Dc challenge at Tammie's.

  4. Wow - You are so good and this little book is remarkable. Wonderful work to say the least and I love your animal videos!

  5. dear Norma, this is 'owl', your drawings, your words, the materials so carefully chosen, even the citrite reminds me of an owl's eye.
    here you bring alive the feeling of astonishment and wonder each time an owl crosses my path, a moment i hold my breathe and than feel lucky, happy. lovely work. xx

  6. ahhhh, Norma, this is wonderful.
    each word
    and sketch, the tiny golden book
    what a treasure!
    it is also wonderful to read your words and thoughts, to feel the spirit that inspired you. thank you!

  7. Hey!
    small, great artwork!
    "The night is the place of our dreams and our fears"
    This, I loved.
    is true, and, I think, that from our dreams, and our fears, our creations are born, and sometimes, the night is also where our creations are born.
    Congratulations, Norma!

  8. Whoa, this is amazing, so little but so big and powerful with your illustrations and reflections. Definitely you captured Numen!

  9. oh, what a beauty you have made. in the wisdom, the spirit and the hope of the owl, i do take to him/her.
    'the morning sunlight on a branch in the forest'. i take a bow, my friend, for such accurate imagination.

  10. This is a keeper Norma! I really am impressed- that tiny drawing is beautiful! and heartfelt words...and all so small! Bravo! very inspiring :)

  11. Oh, GASP, Norma, I love this tiny treasure of a volume. Wow!
    So far as fears of, you are too right, so few need fearing! I am replacing the habit of worry and fear with prayer and gratitude, slowly but surely.
    xxoo, sus

  12. What an exquisite treasure trove of owl gifts! Such a beautiful sketch and words of wisdom! Creativity at its finest!

  13. Dear, what a lovely piece of art, I'm impressed! So tiny, but huge inside! Wonderful words, beautiful drawings, neat and wise! Really really love it!

  14. What a beautiful journal of beautiful expressions!

  15. What a precious little book! And what a magical thing to take an animal with such presence and reproduce it in miniature. This reminds me of a little keychain I bought in the village in which I lived when I first moved to Alaska. The keychain had tiny handmade beaded moccasins made from rabbit's skin. The odor of the smoked hide had its own numen. So earthy and real. I'll bet your little book does, too.

  16. Dear norma, I always loved all of your little books you made so far, but this one I'm really in love with and feel the incredible urge to own it, to hold in my hand, feel the leather, tough the citrin and admire your writing and those wonderful drawings!
    Numen is what you did, its like Numen drips out every single pore of this artpiece!
    I LOVE IT!
    Love to you!
    Barbara Bee

  17. I'm so glad to have found your blog! Love your little book and all its textures! The wonderful owl Numen is so beautifully depicted!

  18. oh yes yes yes!! What beauty once again you have created in this amazing little book. The size the drawing the words all so beautiful that it wants one to hold it close to one's heart. Once again a true delight Norma! (sorry that I won't be able to participate in this weeks drawing challenge - life is busy!!)


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