Monday, January 20, 2014

All You Have to do is Ask!

Drawing Challenge [n.126] Invite with the theme CRYSTAL

The Story of the Green Crystal.

Last week around the time of the full moon on this planet of ours, I felt a strong urge to find and purchase a crystal. I have a fairly large piece of clear quartz with spikes coming out in all directions and I love it. Many years ago my neighbour gave it to me when she moved away. I quite like this piece and decided it was time to have another crystal in my life. I've been lately reading a book called "The Illustrated Guide to Crystals" so have learned that there are quite a few different types and that each has a healing power. It is fascinating to me.

Anyway, I needed salsa and was headed out to buy some, along with chips to go with, but as I walked along the street, my urge to find and purchase a crystal became so strong that I switched directions completely to go to the second hand store. I thought that perhaps I'd pick up the salsa on the way back (the way back means backtracking in the opposite direction for a mile and a half. In the end I never did go get the salsa.) I didn't exactly ask the universe for a crystal. You know, like say: "Universe, please put a crystal in my path today" or anything specific. I am a believer that the universe brings you what you need, and that asking is beneficial. I have faith in other words. But the day of the crystal, I didn't. I just had a strong almost determined urge to find and purchase one. So here's the point to my whole story. I did find a crystal and purchase it. The point is, is that the universe is listening.

Here's the funny part. Humour. It must be a 'Buddha laughing' kind of thing or something, but in dreams, or in waking moments when the universe helps out, communication is in the individual's native tongue and it is literal. The literal is where humour happens. The universe [call it what you may...divine intelligence, karma, gosh fill in the blank here] communicates with you in a literal way. And the translation by the universe [divine intelligence] is clever and funny and awesome. So you do get what you ask for even if it is not what you could ever have actually imagined. When I was thinking about a crystal I thought maybe I'd find a single little spike of a crystal in a necklace, or perhaps a gem stone of some sort, or a decoration on something that was a little crystal charm hanging off of say, a used daybook or planner. I thought maybe I'd rip the charm off and use the crystal part. So I got to the store and looked for not really a long time, but had to kind of fight panic and disappointment that maybe I would not find one. I made myself keep looking in the section I was in. It was a whole wall of things hanging in bags. I'd long passed the specific section on the wall where it would be more likely to find one, but pushed myself to complete the wall even though I could clearly see that all that was there was kitchen gadgets [egg flippers, etc.] and as I was maybe 2 feet away from the end, there hanging all by itself in a bag with every kitchen gadget you can think of was this:

A large green crystal that is man made of green glass and cut probably by a man made machine that cuts glass. I didn't even know that such things are made in this world. It is not from the earth, not formed by nature, not imbued with the healing properties that I was keen to learn about, but it is a crystal nonetheless, and I believe the universe provided it for me, or pushed me to find it. When I got home, I started to read about the colour green. I ignore green. But not any more. Maybe I need some green light in my life.

So there is the theme for the week, folks. I'd love to hear of your 'ask and it shall be given' stories, or anything to do with crystals really. Drawing, painting, sculpting, writing, collage, photographing, experiences...imagination is welcome here. If you wish to join in, just leave a comment below and I'll start a players list. Next weekend, January 25/26, post your offering on your blog, and we'll all have a visit.

THE PLAYERS: Cindi, Barbara, Sus, Renilde, Tania, Patrice, Kristen, Tammie Lee, Ariane,

 Thanks for dropping by today. See you soon! *smiles* Norma, x


  1. Your story made me smile. I have absolutely NO idea how I'm going to approach this one, so of course, I'm in!!! And thank you for the kind comments on the last DC. Wishing you lots of green crystal energy-- xxx Cindi

  2. Dear norma, I really love your story and isn't it sometimes amazing and surprising, how an urge and a feeling of going somewhere and this feeling of dissapointment if you don't see what are you looking for? And than this perfekt green crystal! This is so cool and perfect proof, which doesn't work out that promptly always...
    I'm not quite sure if there is a story to tell or if I'm going just with the crystal theme which I really like also. Anyway I'm in!
    Barbara Bee

  3. What a great 'ask and it shall be' story, I love it! Please count me in for the challenge, and I shall see what the Universe give me to post about!

  4. lovely story Norma,lovely and green ;) , i am imagining now you and your cristal walking back home, all smile and very lightfeeted.
    now sometimes i feel the need or urge to find something and it also happens i find something completely else but then in the end it proves to be exactly what i needed :) that's another story i guess,
    let's go for diamond now, please count me in dear, xx

  5. Great story and challenge! I'm in! Maybe I'll tell some of my stories then, let's see... ;-)

  6. such a wonderful story
    and although i have no idea yet
    for this drawing challenge
    please count me in


  7. Count me in too...and will have to think on how to approach this one- but that's what makes it interesting right :)

  8. oh, i am late in finding out about this. I hope to come up with something tonight.... if i can i will join you.
    wishing you a wonderful time as you explore green! Such a beautiful green in your crystal.

  9. une jolie découverte, grâce à susan christensen..

  10. even without your kinda big ask? apparently i stumbled upon a crystal on a walk home recently and i posted it, none the wiser, until a few delightful bloggers pointed out, this is crystal and numen rolled into one.
    ask and you shall receive?
    even not ask and there's deliverance!

    HUGE crystal, norma! ;)))

  11. Dear norma, thank you so much for your wonderful comment again - you always make my days!
    Love + hugs
    barbara bee

  12. awesome! congratulations on connecting with a crystal!!


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