Monday, January 7, 2013

Hanging out on the chandelier

Well that is it! Finally. The birds have been operated on and I am ready to move on. Boy I will not be sad to see these babes leave the nest. And you will probably be glad to not have to listen to my banter about them.
There is always one bird that I keep from a batch (either it is a good sample reference for myself, or for many differing reasons) and this black one will be staying with me.
And now it is time for a little studio clean up and then on with something completely different. I'm itching to paint or draw. I do plan to start a new batch of very RED birds for Valentines' Day but will give myself a break for a few days, and I promise I won't show and tell birds for awhile.
Thanks for dropping in today and I hope to see you again soon! *smiles* Norma, x


  1. so beautiful! my Norma bird hangs on a lamp, too, and I look at it each day!
    nice to meet you again in 2013
    x Stefanie

  2. OOOh I love them! The are so beautiful! And please, show us the birds! I don't mind reading and watching them;-))))

  3. Norma, after all that they turned out fantastically! I love seeing them shimmering on you light. I agree with Celine, I love reading and watching so show us....please! xo Carole

  4. RED birds???!!!!! FAbulous! Do show and tell, dear Norma! Happy cleaning, love, sus


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