Friday, January 18, 2013

dc89: Crowns

This altered rolodex card is more than happy to join other art pieces in my rolodex art wheel. Here is the planning stage for it:
We were given 'crowns' for the theme for the drawing challenge this week. This was chosen by the lovely and talented Stefanie who graciously hosted for this challenge. Have a look at her blog to see all of the players who offered their art pieces for us all to see. I can hardly wait myself, to see what folk came up with.
Thanks for dropping by today; I hope to see you again, soon!! Hugs, Norma, x


  1. What a lovely piece of art- the colors blue and pink and golden and the material!
    And me too, I love Basquiat. I visited an exhibition two or three years ago, it was so impressing - wow.
    Dear Norma, thank you for playing and have a good time
    x Stefanie

  2. Love what you made for this dc: the basquiat crowns, great inspiration! very nice, I love the colours you used. Have a nice weekend!

  3. I love this and thank you for reminding me to have another look at an artist I love. Basquiat's freedom of expression is such an inspiration.

  4. I'm a great fan of basquiat! last year I saw a brilliant exhibition of his and andy warhols work in copenhagen. I was fascinated by their paintings! and now I love your crowns so much, it's a beautiful card you create! :)) mano

  5. Great inspiration, love Basquiat, too! Your crowns card is lovely, especially those golden spots.

  6. Hey, I had to Google rolodex (sorry, you know I live in a cloud, but it's always good to learn new things) :))))))))))
    OK, Norma, I loved your Rolodex card!!

  7. I haven't thought about Basquiat in a long time!- your homage is touching and very expressive - especially knowing it is a Rolodex card makes it even more endearing :)

  8. Hello Norma!

    I love your drawn crown designs a lot. Great process and resulting artwork. I like how you show us your process makes for very interesting posts.

    Have a good weekend

    Helen :)

  9. he crowned his heroes and in a way you crowned him too here, love his work and yours, x

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  11. I fell for the drawn crowns
    on the agenda pages
    great inspiration!

    Patrice A.

  12. of my favourite artists! Love these crowns, Norma.

  13. I am with Carole, Norma - Basquiat is a God in my pantheon. love your take on crowns. -sus

  14. Oh my, what a wonderful challenge, Norma. I've been so busy I've been missing all the bloggy fun in blogland. :) LOVE your Rolodex choice. HA!! Takes me back to the 80's instantly.
    Well, my friend, you have once again been selected as a winning guest at the shop. I hope you like your Angels in Disguise tags. I changed them just a tad but adding a metal eyelet for the ribbon and for the background I made a customized script with the angels verse instead of a random script. I believe I still have your address and these should go out this Saturday. If I cannot find your address, I'll be in touch.
    Congrats again!!


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