Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Owl painting completed and ready to mail

Now I just need to pop this fella into an envelope and it is off to New York City!
I like how the crocheted 'soft' frame looks in the final piece. Thanks for dropping by and we'll see you soon I hope! *smiles* Norma


  1. Oh Norma, how stunning this piece is. Love that crochet border. Your partner will be quite pleased I am sure.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, always good to hear from you.
    Lesley ♥

  2. It is beautiful Norma. Love the crochet border! I sent off an accordian book, with a 5X5 card that I decorated in the same style, and then realized that the art piece was supposed to be the 5X5 card... oops! oh well. My brain was still pretty muddled when I read the instructions.


Your comments make my day! Thanks for dropping by and we'll see you soon, I hope, *smiles* Norma


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